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Kyle Manchester
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Well Wil, if your acting career ever goes belly up (yeah right), at least we know you'll have a future in writing Star Trek slash-fic. *trollface.jpg*
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on I am easily amused at WWdN: In Exile
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Sir, your writing proves it's quality not quantity. Regardless of the amount of posts you make in a month, you continue to produce compelling pieces of reading. I for one, would love to read more of your blogs, but completely understand where you're coming from. All I ask is that you keep writing when you can, and keep producing such high quality pieces of work. Thanks, Kyle
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Sign me up, I'll buy a copy in either format for sure! As for the audio book idea, what would you think about holding a contest to pick who gets to read the audio book and be published? Idea: Have your fans record themselves reading one of the stories out of the book, judge the submissions, and have the winners read the whole thing/(maybe) get a signed copy of the book.
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Sometimes it takes mother nature's caress to shake us out of our closed off little worlds. To quote Running Bear: Man's heart away from nature becomes hard. Glad "mom" got you out of the writing funk you'd been in. As usual, very well written and lacking any sort of boring whatsoever. +10 to you sir.
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Holy CRAP, you've responded to me twice in one week...I feel special! (no sarcasm either) Anyway, thank you for the bonus credit sir. I really only get one...maybe two witty comments a month. I'm quite glad I used/directed it towards you. Side note: RFB (believe it or not) is actually the first and currently only podcast I subscribe to. *crosses fingers for bonus points* (no not really) All joking and omgwilwjustrespondeding aside, please keep up the good work. I promise you the minute I get some steady income here, you and RFB will be seeing a donation from me. I promise! -Kyle
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Sir, I already wasted my witty/hilarious comment on twitter, when I made the Trackball old enough to drink comment. (Yep I'm Kmanchester) Can I use that "witty comment credit" here? Please? Thanks. Anyway, huge fan, and really dug the interview with Felicia! Thanks, Kyle
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May 27, 2010