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>Meanwhile, Norway has turned down a request to help the UN dismantle Syria's chemical weapons arsenal. The mice voted to bell the cat.
On the Nov. 3 edition of Secure Freedom Radio Podcast, Matt Welch of Reason Magazine told host Frank Gaffney that during the Prague Spring, a smuggled Velvet Underground tape was played and the band's music became anthems of freedom. Plastic People of the Universe was a band formed then that played Velvet Underground covers. When it was put on trial by the Communists in 1976, Vaclav Havel covered the trial, starting his rise to prominence as a freedom fighter. The human rights organization Charter 77, one of the inspirations for the unchaining of Eastern Europe, was founded to defend the Plastic People of the Universe. According to Welch, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia was named, in part, for the Velvet Underground, and when Lou Reed reached Prague, Vaclav Havel told him "I am president because of you."
There is probably a lot of difference in the effect of using it on a bird during the day (pupil small) vs. pilot at night (pupil dilated.) Plus, the bird in the tree can just blink and look away. The pilot has to bring the plane in safely without crashing into a skyscraper. (Unless he attended Muslim flight school, of course.) Covadonga
>Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) dramatically quit the EDL last week saying he had concerns over the “dangers of far-right extremism”. How about the following statement?: >‘In an ideal society we would punish homosexuals’ Is that a moderate statement? A left wing statement? A center-right statement? Is it now better to sit next to 'idealists' making such statements, than to chase out 'far-right extremists' as leader of the EDL? ¡Ay ya ya yai!
Aaron Klein reported on his radio show Sunday that there was a report a private team (of bounty hunters, or the like) was going into Libya to get al Libi for the $5 million on his head. It's right after this report came out that the US military went in and got him, instead. Coincidence, anyone? Aaron Klein didn't think so. Having private parties snatch al Libi could result in the terrorist mastermind spilling the beans on Benghazi, which al Libi had also helped plan and at which he even claimed to be present the night of Sept 11, 2012... ...And I think by now even low information voters know that Mr. Ghazi is a very private person, who has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that his private life is not made public.
>> I will fight with the EDL till my dying breath and I will fight to get the extremists out of the EDL. >It would be more adviseable to team up with those extremists to get Muslims out of the UK first. The main handicap the British counter-jihad movement is currently laboring under is that the sheeple of those Sceptre'd Isles have been convinced that the movement is a haven of Nazis, violent racists, and other undesirable hooligans. The Islamic movement, its lickspittle lackeys in Her Majesty's government, the Marxist Left, and the Establishment media have together gone to a great deal of trouble to create this misperception. Do nothing to give truth to their lies. For Good to ally with Evil #1 in order to fight Evil #2 is always a bad idea, and utterly impractical. Evil is a zero: it can create nothing on its own. When good joins evil, it lends the evil a strength it could not have otherwise. Witness the military and industrial might of the Marxist and, hence, economically impotent Soviet Union. This might was totally a legacy of Lend-Lease and later, similar programs, courtesy of the American taxpayer. When good allies with evil, it lends a credence to the evil, from the viewpoint of other parties that recognize the good, thus encouraging them to support the evil as well. And, case in point, when good allies with evil, the good becomes tarred with the odium of the evil among all those who have already recognized the evil. In short, this strategy would lead only to moral confusion and a situation even worse than what England has now. Covadonga
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2013 on Tommy Robinson: Breaking bad at Atlas Shrugs
Shabbetai Zvi Muzz have long used co-option as a jihad weapon in demoralizing the righteous. This is the incident that came to mind as soon as I saw those pictures of Tommy and Kevin at the press conference. Covadonga
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2013 on Tommy Robinson: Breaking bad at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, Thank you for clearing up your take on this horrendous affair. What you said and did is perfectly understandable under the circumstances. When I first read the news that Tommy and Kevin had left the EDL, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach before even learning anything else. The early statements by Robert and you were mystifying to me in how blasé they sounded concerning a demoralizing major tragedy, but I resolved to wait and watch with a wary eye. Then to read about Quilliam, the press conference, that EDL supporters had to read the news on the Quilliam website, not even through their own channels, etc., was literally sickening. As someone who lives in the western US, has never met any member of the EDL, and has never even set foot in Britain, I have experienced sore muscles and malaise this week as if I had had the flu. Britain seems to be going fascist fast. Tommy and Kevin may only be two individuals, but the fact that they could be subjected to this kind of pressure speaks ill of the whole government. It is at least as penetrated by islam as the US was by Soviets at the height of the Tehran and Yalta conferences during WWII. Further, if you consider that their internal security apparatus, MI5, is rumored to be a big part of the campaign against the EDL and its erstwhile leaders. This is a dark day for western civilization. Covadonga
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2013 on Tommy Robinson: Breaking bad at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Bopanna, Rising militancy among Muslims is not limited to Kerala, and is not caused by anything specific to Kerala or to Malayali culture. It is a worldwide phenomenon, as witness the responses from the 18 "British" mosques above. On the other hand, the state government of Kerala has been dominated by Communists for much of the time since Indian independence. This shows that education in Kerala, however beneficial it may be for individual Malayalis and their families, is not translating into an understanding of how to organize a polity.
Regarding the last two paragraphs quoted in Pamela's post above, Kerala is the state on the west coast of the southern tip of India. Kozhikode (formerly known to Europeans as Calicut) is a coastal city and port there. Malappuram is a neighboring district. Both were part of the historic Malabar Coast during the ages of European exploration and colonization. Kerala has a higher-than-average literacy rate for an Indian state. It is known as an area where education is taken seriously, but where the local populace typically votes for Communists in elections. The culture is a mixture of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian, with the Muslims becoming increasingly militant in recent years.
A Jewish friend of mine once explained his theory of what Jesus meant by 'turning the other cheek': in the ancient Middle East, a man would normally use his right hand when slapping, or striking with a blow of any kind, another's face. Turning the other cheek meant presenting the other cheek to be struck by the attacker's other hand, i.e. the unclean left hand, which was never used in polite society. Thus, the person struck would refrain from violence, while nevertheless standing defiantly and inviting the aggressor to reveal himself to be a complete barbarian. This is not the action of a timid, humiliated person.
Steve, Second your recommendation of the John Loftus/Mark Aarons book. Loftus' earlier The Belarus Secret is also excellent. Reading the late Antony Sutton's Wall Street trilogy (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and FDR, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler) along with his America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones will serve to broaden an understanding of the forces at work here. Many of the same bad influences on American policy that Loftus discovered in the course of his Nazi-hunting turn up again and again in Sutton's histories of American support for the Communists and the Nazis. In her recent American Betrayal, Diana West has argued that it is time for a genuine, comprehensive history of the United States to be written. So many facts about 20th century events were preserved only as secrets that have been unearthed just recently, that the establishment histories are way off, and, in fact, constitute a whitewash of the dealings of a low and vile class. Loftus, Aarons, Sutton, and Ms. West are such careful, methodical, rational people, yet when they get digging into the facts of our past, the official documents and other evidence that they turn up are completely shocking and scandalous. For those of you who are not familiar with the books and authors referred to above, they show that the type of "elite" suppression of Pamela Geller, evidence of which we witness so frequently here on AS, is not new. At least since World War One and, even more so, since the New Deal, American foreign policy and "elite" opinion have been influenced by shadowy forces that have sought to undermine the Constitution and align with hostile foreign powers. The establishment media and establishment academy have consistently acted to mask from the people the reality of what was going on. Covadonga
Actually, that's not good reasoning. JFK went to Dallas to shore up his popularity that was finally starting to fall. Oswald made him a martyr, and allowed Johnson to enshrine Kennedy's socialist program into law. Now people consider JFK an icon and want to put the nasty little fascist's face on Mt. Rushmore. Since this spring, when all the scandals started to hit the media , Obama's popularity and utter media teflon coating have both finally started to take some hits. Even more important, new wins in the intellectual fight are being scored. (Pamela getting more attention, media people like O'Reilly and Beckel finally starting to get a clue about Islam, and perhaps most importantly, new heroes like Ted Cruz starting to emerge.) Let's let the people's take on this lemon go sour on its own. Let Obama go out of office like his fellow 'progressive' Woodrow Wilson, as the most unpopular man in America. That will thoroughly discredit his program, and give us a chance to unwind as much of it as possible. If anything happens to him, it will only lead to his canonization, and the media/political Establishment will tar anyone who ever opposed him politically with the brush of being anti-Black, anti-intellectual, etc. Covadonga
>>Banafsheh Zand said: "Where do the dhimmi members of the Danish judiciary get off telling a woman who is a law abiding citizen of their society that she can not take issues with the traits of a society that she ran from, and took shelter in Denmark in? The European Union's fascist laws, and their lackeys in each European country are running amok. Their refusal to listen to newcomers who have embraced the values that was a product of thinkers of their own societies and their will to self-destruct is perhaps one of the most telling and hypocritical in the history of man. As social paradigms shift and paradoxes multiply within Europe, it is perhaps time to reevaluate European intellectual predominance all together." Wow. Just wow. With logic like that, this young lady could change her name to Banafsheh Rand! :-)
After seeing Roark, Dominique intentionally broke the marble in her bedroom fireplace to have an excuse to make him come to her. From the conversation they then have there, it is obvious he knows enough about marble to know that this piece was damaged on purpose. And from the fact that she asked him specifically to be the one to fix it, when there is nothing to distinguish him from any other quarry worker in his ability to replace marble in a fireplace, he knows why she wanted him there. Then when the marble arrived, she told him to set it that night. Proper ladies of that era would never be caught summoning a workman to a bedroom at night. That is a key thing modern people keep missing here in interpreting this subplot. (Though, would even ladies of the current era would do something similar without hesitating over security concerns?) Then he plays a little joke on her, the unknown working stiff teasing the châtelaine of her father's estate, sending the squat, middle-aged Italian man in his place. This is when, obviously, any educated, unattached guy like Roark, forced to do manual labor all day, would give his right leg to have a nighttime assignation with the beautiful, young, glamorous daughter of the quarry owner. >>She asked, her voice flat: "Why didn't you come to set the marble?" "I didn't think it would make any difference to you who came. Or did it, Miss Francon?" She felt the words not as sounds, but as a blow flat against her mouth. The branch she held went up and slashed across his face. She started off in the sweep of the same motion.<< [paperback, p. 216] This scene gives it away, if even the previous considerations do not. What he says to her is literally true, and completely unremarkable, if we interpret this chapter, contrary to all evidence, to mean that she just needs a good workman to fix a piece of marble that happened to get scratched accidentally. When we interpret it correctly, however, we see that he is flirting with her again, this time dangerously, in effect wondering out loud if she is a slut. And please note that the first, and only, violent blow between them was struck by her. (Because she was offended by the implication? I interpret it to mean, no, because she was frustrated that he could remain so casual in the face of what she was offering him.) There is no rape scene in The Fountainhead. If you doubt this claim, go back and reread Chapter 2 of Part 2, keeping the points above in mind. There are many romantic and sexual aspects, along with humorous aspects, of the Connecticut quarry subplot that I will skip lightly over here for brevity. Dominique is playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Roark, but is astonished and, momentarily, cut to the quick to find herself caught in an even greater cat-and-mouse game that he is playing on her. The asymmetry in social position, recognition, wealth, etc., between them is obvious. But keep in mind the asymmetry of knowledge: Dominique does not know that Roark is an architect, but he knows that she is a celebrated architectural critic. And Roark never holds a cap out for anything in the world. Covadonga
>>Of course, the Arabic script did not exist when the Apostle John was writing the Book of Revelations. The script was developed by Syrian Christians for preaching the gospel in Syriac/Aramaic. It got retrofitted to Arabic later, probably when the first Caliphate ruled the Arab world from Damascus. I'm not too up on the chronology of when the script originated or when Revelations was written, but it is likely that Revelations was written first. Certainly, Revelations was written before the Black Flag appeared. Apparently it was brought to the Levant from Khorasan (northeastern Persia and adjacent parts of Central Asia and Afghanistan) by the Abbasids, who then founded the 2nd Caliphate.
>> Obama's mother was a tramp without morals and ethics. And don't forget a Communist anti-American, from a Communist anti-American home.
Diana West tracks this morally topsy-turvy quality in our culture to the massive infiltration of Communists into the US government that occurred with the start of the New Deal. 1.) Penetration: March 1933, FDR is sworn in as US president. Stalin reaches the summit of the Soviet power pyramid. New Dealers sweep into Washington, huge swarms of them being hired into new alphabet-soup agencies: CCC, NRA, etc., to socialize the American economy. In haste to staff new bureaucracies, standard background checks are dispensed with, enabling many Communists to get a foot in the door. 2.) Recognition: November 1933, FDR's government extends full diplomatic recognition to Soviet government. Requires US to turn a blind eye to Ukrainian holocaust, blood purges, slave labor, etc., shouting down of all rational political voices, smearing them as 'isolationists'. In ensuing years, US turns blind eye to numerous violations of the agreements USSR had made to get this recognition: continued acts of espionage on US soil, continued support for world revolution, etc. 3.) Alliance: June 1941, Hitler double-crosses his ally Stalin, the Wehrmacht suddenly smashing deep into USSR across huge front, achieving complete surprise. US, ignoring all evidence of Stalin being as evil as Hitler, and USSR's continued animosity to US and all civilized values, forms military alliance with Stalin. Lend-Lease supplies, presented to American people as way to keep our actual British friends in the war, are sent primarily to USSR in 'Russia first' policy. Program run from the White House by FDR's house mate and right-hand man (or should that be left-hand man, given his political proclivities?), Soviet agent Harry Hopkins. By end of 1941 and early 1942, while American forces in the Philippines and other islands are battling for their lives, Lend-Lease continues to have 1st priority. Gen. MacArthur and Philippine President Manuel Quezon are repeatedly told by Washington that relief is on the way, especially warplanes, but all, including 200 fighter planes, is diverted to USSR as part of Lend-Lease. Nothing arrives in Pacific Theater to help our men, or our Filipino, British, Dutch, Australian, New Zealander, and Free French allies. 4.) War crimes collaboration, propaganda dissemination: By 1944, irrefutable quantities of evidence of the earlier Soviet massacre of 20,000 Polish army officers in the Katyn Forrest have reached the West. Washington and London both officially cooperate with Stalin in his Big Lie that the Nazis committed the murders. Both Western nations force the Polish government-in-exile to STFU about this atrocity against their people. Truth does not come out until anti-Communist Congressional hearings in 1951. After war's end in 1945, approximately 20,000 American military personnel are kept prisoner by the Soviet authorities, never to return home. 5.) War crimes, active participation: Spring, 1945, with the defeat of Hitler's Germany, all of the European Theater is divided between the victor Stalin in the East and his junior partners in the West. The terms of the Yalta conference are executed. The junior partners in Stalin's alliance, Britain and America, begin to round up and deport 2 million or more Russian refugee men, women, and children to be killed or worked as slaves, (victor's choice,) in the USSR. This includes 850,000 anti-Communist soldiers under General Vlasov who had laid down their arms and surrendered to the Western armies on the condition that they never be sent back. Many refugees riot and/or commit suicide to avoid returning to Russia. American troops, pursuant to Operation Keelhaul, carry out Eisenhower's order to shoot prisoners in the feet to prevent them from escaping transport.
Oh, or there is another option: It could be Iranian grown terror. After all, look who else works in the White House. Valerie Jarrett, the Harry Hopkins of the 21st century.
So does the plot to burn Extortion 17 and wipe out SEAL Team 6 count as homegrown terror, or as Kenyan/Indonesian grown terror?
Thanks, Perfected democrat! I shamelessly stole the "Tammy Faye Boehner" moniker from Dennis Miller. For a hair-raising experience, when you are finished with Betrayal, read Sibel Edmonds' book. I have some reservations about Edmonds, because of her inability to name Islam and jihad as issues in the infiltration she claims, and because of the problems on her website (a recent paean from one of her contributing partners to the late and unlamented Wicked Witch of the Middle East, Helen Thomas, for example. A little untimely, I would say, considering how long it has been since the anti-Jewish anti-journalist's horizontal-striped stockings curled up under the house that dropped on her.) But in the book itself, where Edmonds sticks to what she observed personally in the FBI, and what was done to her afterwards to shut her up... oh, boy,... I read it first, then went on to Betrayal. But whichever order you do it in, to read them back-to-back is truly frightening: In Diana West's account, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover comes across (so for, I'm only up to chapter 7,) as an island of sanity in 1940s New Deal Washington. But if Edmonds is to be believed, a big chunk of the FBI was already toast as far as investigating jihad goes, even as early as September of 2001, prompting my comment above about our chances. I have my doubts overall about J. Edgar Hoover and how he ran his organization, btw, but at least he wasn't a Communist, and seems to have been able to ward them off with garlic pretty effectively.
I know that there was a Jewish organized crime presence in America in the early to mid-twentieth century, but I don't know much about it, and don't know of any books on it. Much of the rest of your comment I'm afraid I don't understand. The spies Diana West was discussing in American Betrayal were Americans who betrayed their country to the USSR for various reasons, the most common one being that they held a irrational belief in the alleged goodness of Communism, to which they clung with religious devotion. Most of them were government employees, some of very high, policy-making rank. The spies (i.e. traitors to the USA) reported to Soviet controllers who were officers in either the NKVD (originally called the Cheka, later the KGB, currently the FSR) secret police organization, or the GRU (foreign intelligence service of the Soviet military's General Staff.) Each controller was either a "resident" (i.e. a spymaster who had a cover identity as a diplomat in an embassy, consulate, or other mission, and who therefore had diplomatic immunity,) or an "illegal" (i.e. a spymaster in the country illegally, using false papers, who had a cover identity as a regular person.) I don't know what any of this has to do with your great-grandfather, or why you would think that he was a spy.
>>>can you imagine Roosevelt secretly aiding Nazi Germany during World War II? or the US the Soviet Union early in the "Cold War?" FDR was a great admirer of all the main dictators of his time: Mussolini (made the trains run on time, yada yada yada,) Hitler, and Stalin. When France was conquered, each French colony had to make the choice to go with Petain (the former French army hero against the Germans in WWI, who became Hitler's willing butt monkey in WWII,) or de Gaulle and the Free French. All the main colonies (North African, Middle Eastern, Indochina) went with Petain and his Nazi collaborators in Vichy. Basically, only the exotic tropical colonies chose for the Free French (black Africa, Pacific islands) The government of the French island territory of St-Pierre and Miquelon, off the coast of eastern Canada, chose for Petain, even though the people there wanted de Gaulle. (This tiny territory is the sole remnant of France's once vast North American empire.) St-Pierre had a transatlantic cable, for clandestine communications with Hitler's forces, and a powerful radio station that could blast Vichy propaganda to Canada and the US. Plus, radio there could be used to coordinate the movements of German U-boats in the North Atlantic to attack American and Canadian shipping. General de Gaulle came up with a plan, approved by Churchill, to take the islands back, thus denying Hitler a base in North America. When his forces pulled it off successfully on Christmas Day, 1941, Roosevelt and his Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, were both furious, and the incident contributed to the animosity that Roosevelt continued to feel towards de Gaulle until the end of the war. Now, Dec. 25 of 1941 came less than 4 weeks after Pearl Harbor, while Americans and their Filipino and other allies were still fighting for their lives in Bataan and many small islands of the Pacific. An unprecedented Japanese air-sea-land mobile campaign was beginning that eventually resulted in them capturing Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore with loss of civilian life and enormous allied military casualties, to say nothing of the loss of liberty to the millions of people who fell under their rule, and the enormous benefit of petroleum and other natural resources that it gave to Tojo's war machine. And that December came at the end of a year when the British and the other allied powers, world wide, did not have a hell of a lot of victories to crow about. So you would think a sudden, nearly bloodless, liberation, capped the next day by a popular vote in favor by the local French people, would give a patriotic, well-meaning American president a nice little Christmas present to mention in a fireside chat. You would be right. But, unfortunately, in 1941, America did not have that kind of president. As for secretly aiding "the Soviet Union early in the Cold War", brother, you need to read the recent book American Betrayal by Diana West, as well as Antony Sutton's many works on that subject. Our government was secretly aiding the Soviet Union almost continuously from the late 1930s until the USSR collapsed in the early 1990s. For all I know, we are still secretly aiding its Russian successor state to this day. Every president from FDR to George Bush was in on this massive ripoff, with the possible exception of Reagan. Warplanes, guns, ammunition, 500,000 jeeps and trucks, whole factories, oil drilling rigs, uranium, thorium, miles of aluminum tubing, heavy water (both of the last needed to produce plutonium-239 for implosion bombs of the Trinity/Fat Man type), plus maps of Oak Ridge, Hanford, and our other secret nuclear sites, plus scientific papers and detailed technical blueprints of all types of reactors, cyclotrons, etc. All sent during the war, starting years before America even entered the war, courtesy of "Lend-Lease," which, in the USSR's case, involved a whole lot of "lending" but no leasing. How do you think they were able to hold off the Wehrmacht, almost universally considered by military experts to be the finest army of that era, after it caught them completely by surprise? How do you think they were able to seize Eastern Europe at the end of the war? How do you think they were able to test a successful atomic bomb in 1949, only 4 years after we did, only 4 years after the end of a war on their soil that devastated their population, economy, and industry? How do you think they were able to hold their whole stinking, slaving empire together for almost 75 years with an economic model that is completely contrary to human nature, busted, and just plain can't deliver the goods? George Bush sent a US Air Force C-5A Galaxy, the largest model of aircraft in the world, from the US to Moscow during his presidency, on an "emergency" basis. Bet you didn't read that in the news! The nature of the "emergency" in question? The Russian capital, with all its sophisticated "scientific" planning of economics and industry, had completely run out of toilet tissue, and the local populace was growing restless. So a plane with a cargo compartment large enough for the Wright brothers' original flyer to repeat the first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina inside it, a plane designed to carry main battle tanks to reinforce the central European theatre of operations in the event of a Soviet tank surge into West Germany during World War Three, was stuffed full to the gills with rolls of American toilet tissue and flown from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Moscow to keep the Communist regime in power a little longer in its last desperate days. The Sov slave masters get into a jam, and good ole' George Bush, Skull and Bones man that he is, internationalist to the core, sees his opportunity to jump right in there and pull their bacon out of the fire. The New World Order at its finest, yep, that's George Bush. What? The American tax payer doesn't like his hard-earned tax dollars being spent to bail out our tyrannical enemies on the other side of the world? Well, why would that matter? The American tax payer wasn't told anything about any of this. In fact, when American traitors who had spied for the Soviets, like Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers, grew a conscience and changed back to the right side, and tried to tell the world about the crimes that they and their former colleagues had committed, there was a very strong bipartisan effort made by American presidents to shut them up, lest the whole beautiful scheme be foiled.
Currently reading Diana West's magnificent American Betrayal about the army of Soviet agents in Washington during the New Deal, World War II, (or should I say "Great Patriotic War"?,) and early Cold War era. She explicitly relates this subversion to a decline in Americans being able to make moral and political judgements based on reality. She also links it to the current Muslim infiltration. The Federal bureaucracy was crawling with Soviet agents, hundreds of them, at least as early as the Lend Lease program in WWII, distributed in all parts of the government: State, Treasury, Agriculture, defense establishment, the White House, Office of Strategic Services (OSS, predecessor to the CIA,) etc. This is all documented from the transcripts of the Dies, HUAC, McCarthy, and other committees, as well as from the testimony of ex-Communists like Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers and Soviet KGB and GRU defectors. In 1995, redacted versions of many Venona cable decrypts were declassified, confirming the identifications from the earlier data, and making clear there were many other individuals working for the Sovs who have never even been identified. These Soviet cables settled it, -- for anyone willing to make fact-based historical judgements, which qualification unfortunately leaves out most of the members of the history faculties of Western universities. But why did the release have to wait until 1995, when the Soviet Union had already fallen? The interceptions and decryptions dated from decades earlier. The Dem party, with its long and seedy history of support for slavery, Jim Crow, wars, foreign interventions, socialism, inflation, deindustrialization, etc., can hardly have been considered to be a bastion of American values at any point in history. But today it is clearly dominated by the far Left, the many like-minded worms that the Soviet infiltrators of the 1930s and their fellow travelers and successors hired and supported, including now the Muslim Brotherhood. The national leadership of the Republican Party is no longer sympathetic to its alleged values or to its legacy base, as is becoming increasingly obvious. There is nothing Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Tammy Faye Boehner, or Mitch McConnell has to offer the Republican American voter that would make him want to come to the polls. These leaders' time would be far, far better spent in offering boot camp training in rapid surrender techniques to the French army. If Sibel Edmonds' accusations of infiltration in the FBI circa 9/11 in her recent book Classified Woman are to be believed, then all it would take are Communists and Muslims to penetrate the NSA leadership and it's all over: the USA will have fallen victim to colonization by a foreign conspiracy hostile to the Constitution, to individuals rights, and to our every political and social tradition. Hmmm, why again did it take the nation's official codebreakers so many decades to release Venona, the final proof of Communist infiltration into the Washington establishment?
I'm reading Diana West's American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character to get a better handle on how our government is hosing its citizens. She covers the history of the Soviet penetration of Washington, starting in the 1930s, to show, among other things, how the skids were greased by anti-American interests so that it is much easier today for the jihadists to break into the government. The jihadis and their paid shills don't even seem to need discretion and espionage trade craft as did their Communist predecessors. They just openly and blatantly boast on the internet of how they want to kill or enslave us, and nothing official is done against them. Alas that our country has fallen so far in 80 years, under the progressives, starting at least as far back as FDR. And we see how the enemies in office are going to more and more extreme lengths to rub our faces in how powerless we are now to protect our interests and defend our dignity. As Pamela has hinted elsewhere, if the NSA domestic snoopers become penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, they could, in essence, carry off a silent coup, if that has in fact not already happened. America, from 1984 to the seventh century, in just one presidential administration. At least the people are starting to awaken to the sound of the tocsin being rung by Pamela and her allies.