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genius! I had to put that in the post!
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on The Real NBA Wives of Miami? at Scene in the Tropics
doh! Thanks North!
he was charged with DUI. and FYI, it's not TMZ, it's the police report we are citing.
John, it's called sarcasm! It's no secret that authorities have been known to cover up things from higher caliber celebrities to keep them happy down here..
good point! I will check out the cable ratings in comparison. stand by!
I'm not saying Miami Social is so bad it's good. I'm saying it's so bad it will make you regret being born with eyes . . .
As if it wasn't Jerry Springer-esque already, only this time it's the uncut, unedited, uncensored version! Yikes.
No one is referring to anything but you, sir! He was with a bunch of young boys. Just a fact of the night.
he is a little James Bond-esque and yes, there was a fight during Basel!
Thank you! But this one I have to defer to my pal at SB Condos Blog!
oh yes, Darlene, this is a contest for sure..but not the kind you think! No there is no money raised, no charity benefited --directly. It's a catty show, to say the least! NYOURFace--yep, I sure am.
Uh, yeah, this is so not for me. I prefer game shows with decent payouts. :)
girlfriend drama. so novel. and of course I am watching! So I can blog all about it. What else do we have this summer?!@
Miss Yip, go have some ribs and then give me something good.
hahahaaha, hilarious, "looked like she had fallen off the Rock of Love Bus" Classy! BTW, who the heck is this George person? I've been writing about Miami nightlife since 1994-ish and never heard of the dude!
what a mess!
miss yip hahaahaahahaaaa, yes, oh yes yes yes I do..and you know it! :)
Ha! And we can only hope that they film the two of them scuffling in the pool at the Delano or something trying to pull each other's hair (plugs) out!
Lionel and Cyndi both look unbelievable. Madonna should take a cue there.
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love the recap i just saw that showed katie holmes covering suri's ears during adam's screeching! haahahahaa
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you forgot the word "away" between go and Adam!
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Yep, I was down here during Birdcage days...things have never been the same !
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on Tag and Dash at Scene in the Tropics
Wash is totally seedy but now I'm starting to think this is all self orchestrated and soon enuf the graffiti will be appearing on Dash rags...
Toggle Commented May 19, 2009 on Tag and Dash at Scene in the Tropics
CPK would be stellar. So would a Benihana. And I'm actually serious. 100 percent. Same on the chili's!