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Lacey Kost
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Oh I saw it, I told my dad that he looked like a pit-bull just begging to be let out. But now that I think about it, it's more of a Cujo look going on with that look of his :)
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You should have posted a gif of the stare that KG gave the camera during the post game interview. If looks could burn holes into a TV, that stare would def. do the trick. Thanks for taking the time to post these pics!!
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i think it was two different posters that posted each of these articles...
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i too am sooo OVER hearing those two phrases. it should be played out after a week shouldnt it? i wonder if they are contractually obligated to use those terms, lol....
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i watched it online and also had the suns broadcasters and like the two above me they were just AWFUL!! what they said at the end about really taking it to rondo if he decided to drive to the hoop was just beyond ridiculous. the suns team was just pissed that they were getting their ass beat and got frustrated with the celtics.
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Mar 3, 2011