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This was fantastic, and reminded me so much of the stories my mom used to write when she was younger.
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My husband was diagnosed when he was 11. He'd been sick for 5 years, and by the time he was 11, he was so sick that he was dying from malnutrition. Doctors told his mom that he was just "refusing food" because he was "spoiled" and that there was nothing more they could do, so she should make him as comfortable as possible while they waited for him to die. She wasn't willing to accept that answer, and finally found a doctor who suggested performing the endoscopy and colonoscopy to take a look at his intestinal tract, which showed the destruction left by his gluten-heavy diet. It's hard not to become an advocate after having your child rescued from a lifetime of chronic illness. My mother-in-law tells everyone we know about Celiac Disease, and I can't tell you how many people have reached a diagnosis because of it. My husband and I started a website for Gluten-Free baking as well, because we wanted to share our love of food with other people. Thank you for sharing your story - it is so important!!
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Mar 2, 2011