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It seemed less scary when I was younger, but then again, back then I didn't have as much reason to stay connected as I do now. My biggest worry is my is my relationship with my husband, that I could damage it somehow or push him away, so I hold back a lot more these days. But he's also something that will keep me coming back, keep me grounded, so I want to try and trust that. It's this balance I need to find, and I *always* want to know how other actors do it. So thanks for replying, that makes sense.
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That's something that both scares and thrills me about being an actor. I fear losing connection to other people, like my husband, or even myself, to the solitude and concentration needed for the craft. So I know I hesitate, and fully committing is a hurdle I have a hard time getting over, but until I do I'll never be a very good actor I'm sure. How do you stay connected to the world as an actor while still fully committing?
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