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Knowing the person behind the book definitely makes a difference for me. However, sometimes it acts in reverse. I liked your books enough to buy PA and the first three Books of Bayern and the most recently out Book of a Thousand Days (those were the only ones out at the time, I believe). There were a couple elements that made me uneasy, though, and I wasn't sure whether I would continue reading any of your future works. But I couldn't stay away from your blog. And I had to try reading Austenland. And Forest Born. And just three days ago I bought Palace of Stone. Because somehow through these years, I've come to love your blog. I've always respected you as an author with your special insight. And I have also fallen in love with the way you write. I absolutely adored Austenland. Forest Born was gorgeous. And I'm pretty sure I'll love Palace of Stone, too. :) So yes, people do have an effect most times. Sometimes it can be for the better, too!
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Hi Shannon! I've been a long follower of your blog (read: lurker), and through your posts I have come to learn a lot about the writing process--especially the importance of writing multiple drafts and cutting, cutting, cutting. My question was (and I'm sorry if it's a repeat!), what do you classify as a draft? Not the first draft, but the subsequent ones. Do you go through the first draft and, once you finish going through the last scene, call it a second one? Or do you rewrite your novel from scratch? Or...what? I'd really love to know, and maybe learn from your definition. Thank you!
Personally, I found the post a bit short. I definitely wouldn't mind you rambling on a bit's always such a treat when authors share their mind about their stories. :) Regarding all those red flags you mentioned...I rather like the slow pace of Princess Academy. It lends a really tranquil, dream-like state to the whole story, making it more fairy-talish. I don't know, I loved it. And I remember I shoved my copy on my friend, and I would bug her all the time, "How far are you?" And she would always groan and go, "But when will the story even BEGIN?!" I guess this style really does not resonate with some readers, huh? Haha. I for one am over the moon at a month full of Miri and Peder blogposts. :D
I've always been a bit confused about self-publishing (being a sorta, first-draft-novel writer), knowing that I preferred the traditional route but never quite sure why. I only knew that you can get ANYTHING self-published, which was not the case with the traditional route. Reading your post last week was like a breath of fresh air. Yes! I thought. That's why, that's exactly it! I do not believe that you can't have astounding stories with self-publishing. But I don't think it's as easy to find them. is an easy example! It's so hard to find great stories. But you do find them. And they have been published (traditionally, in this case, but not the point). With traditional publishing, you know there's something in each story published that made it worth it. You are terribly eloquent, Shannon. Very nice with words. I'm surprised at some of the harsh comments, for I found both of your posts on this issue to be respectful, and neither offensive. I love your blog. I may not love your books as much as I love your blog (...or it may be they weigh out the same. That's not the point). I've read quite a few of your books. But they are not what kept me coming back. It was you. And your stories. With your opinions. On your blog. So I hope you never stop writing, or tackling issues you think need to be tackled. Words are powerful, but I think you use them wisely (and beautifully). I shared last week's post with my friends, because I felt it was something worth sharing. Too many times I've referenced your blog in respect to girls in movies/books, or some other issue, and have had to trawl back and find a post just so I could link it. So...keep writing, and I hope you move pass this negativity easily and not let it influence anything you might write in the future. (P.S. I guess I should also mention...I have never been happier to hear of a sequel for a book than Princess Academy. I'd given it up for a lost cause. You made my day when you announced it, and not to mention, so close to publishing. Relevant? No. But I might as well add it.)
That part of her review just perfectly embodies the expectations I have for the book...which are, apparently, fulfilled! I'm so glad, I can't wait!
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Some of these covers are downright stunning. *____*
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That fifth cover, for Enna Burning, it's beautiful. I love it.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on International cover contest with prize! at squeetus
I'm so excited for this book! Just made my day when you announced you had a sequel coming out - and this soon! What scares me the most? Standing up for what I believe in because I'm afraid other people will think it's silly, even though I /know/ it's the right thing.
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