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Sabo needs to be suspended and fined. This leaves SJ in a horrible position next week without a single center back (the rest out on injury). So not only did Sabo put the game in disrepute and blow SJ's goal differential (we all knew they would win but doubt it would have been 4-0 instead probably 2-0.) But DC will be blessed by three Quakes sitting out due to this match (Ring, Burling, & Busch). It will be interesting to see if Kreis man's up and isn't a hypocrite and punishes Sabo. If he was a good man he would also appeal to the MLS Disciplinary committee to get Bobby Burling un-suspended for this Saturday. But that won't happen. RSL really lost my respect last night.
Still snubbing Jason (@J_Hernandez_21). He has been a rock on the backline for @SJEarthquakes make amazing saves & keeping Clean Sheets.
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Jul 19, 2011