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That's fair. One thing is for sure, Klins is going to have to pull someone out of a hat or do something unusual to find a LB, because there is no LB in the system right now that I trust.
I don't know if you mess with such a good thing there. Cherundolo is such a good right back, and remember he was by far the best player during the Gold Cup, and had he not come out early in the final I don't think we would have lost that game. Plus, Cherundolo is a seasoned vet at that position and is the captain of his German Hannover side. I would rather see Chandler tried out over on the left.
I think Boca has shown that he can't handle the pace of the opposing wingers at left back. I've seen him burned there many times, not to say that others haven't been burned. He is the rock of the defense and I feel he needs to stay in one of the centerback positions.
Putting aside the amount of time they've (Shea and Torres) played recently, I like this lineup with a few exceptions. Dempsey likes the left side, but Shea is just too good and fast over there on the wing. I would put Dempsey up top in Altidore's spot and put Sacha over on the right. Or, you could start Dempsey on the left wing and bring Shea in as a pace-injecting sub. Then I would put Agudelo up top, because Altidore still has not impressed and needs a fire lit under him. I like the defense with Cherundolo back in the lineup, but Spector will not be the answer at left back. I don't know who it's going to be but it won't be him. We might have to convert a right back to play over there. I like Torres in the center where he is most effective (and in a place where he can go forward and crack one of his hard shots) and I like Edu and Beckerman in holding roles. Hopefully the USMNT can pick up it's first win in the Klinsmann era.
I think both of those guys have more upside than Jozy, and I want to see what they can do. And remember, he's scoring goals at AZ. I'd be more impressed if he was scoring in MLS. According to Leander Schaerlaeckens (, all of those Eredivisie teams attack attack attack and play little defense, therefore making it a "padded stats" kind of situation. A lot of folks have said from the beginning of his move over there that he would score goals but not really be challenged the way he needs to in order to improve for the national team.
Why would you put Jose outside? He needs to be in the central creative role. He is not a winger. Brek definitely needs to start on the left, with Kljestan or Landon on the right. Would much rather see Tim Ream play instead of Orozco, along with Teal or Agudelo over Jozy. Jozy is a lazy, lazy player, and I'm sick of watching him saunter around out there.
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Sep 1, 2011