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I don’t like trading Pau for Love. It is a downgrade. I do think we should trade Pau however. We have two centers on the floor at the same time and it makes us slow. This is what Jerry West said when the whole idea was first supposed and it is true. Our real success has been when Drew was hurt and Pau played center. Pau is not a power forward. He doesn’t match up well with power forwards. He plays well against other centers. He is as tall as they are, but he has a lot more skills. He is a much better ball handler than Dwight Howard or Drew for that matter. He does fine against the big guys. He has trouble with skilled power forwards that are stronger than he is. So what do you do? Do you have Drew or Pau come off the bench? That is stupid. You have to trade one of them. It has to be Pau. I have to go with youth. Pau looked terrible in the playoffs – when it counted. Lamar can play power forward. So we have Drew, Lamar and Kobe. We are sorely lacking at the other two positions. We need an elite point guard. We need someone with stature so Kobe will be Ok with letting him shoot. We need someone who has played in an all star game. We need Paul or Williams. Ron seemed to be losing it towards the end there. He is an offensive liability. I would like to see him come off the bench as a defensive stopper or get traded. I think we need a deadly three point shooter at small forward. He will spread the floor so the rest of the guys can do their thing and he will make a defense pay for doubling Kobe, Chris, Lamar or Drew. We need at least one more three point shooter that comes off the bench - like Dallas has Jason and Peja. Our three point shooting last year got worse and worse and by the playoffs it was atrocious. I would also like to see youth and energy coming off the bench - good young players with big dreams who will kick the starter’s ass into gear in practice. I agree with Drew that the biggest reason for the early out last season was the practice. I am a musician and am humbly aware of how a performance can suffer without sufficient practice. Kobe didn’t practice with the team. All of the guys on the bench were too old or hurt to put up much of a fight. The team became lethargic. We need youth and speed coming off the bench in games to keep the opponent on its heels. We need youth and energy and passion in practice to keep the team at its best. When Kobe thanked the whole team after the big win the year before, it was for a reason. They all fought together. They were a team. That team got broken up. The youth and energy was replaced by age and injury. I was so happy when we got Pau, but I think we need to trade him. He is a head case. Because of salary cap space, the only way to fix the problems we have at point guard and small forward is to trade a big piece. Pau played like a weenie in the playoffs. It was like he wanted to leave… Perhaps he can get his redemption in New Orleans? Mitch can get his right now. I am a Lakerholic.
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OK, don’t get me wrong… I would love to see Dirk and crew annihilate the fearsome threesome. It would be so sweet! Yet, I can’t help but imagine the future. You know… Miami making the call and having to watch PJ get a bunch more rings… He needs young strong players (who can shoot!) for his triangle mumbo jumbo. You get the open man the easy shot with a lot of movement and energy. It is a young man’s offense. Miami would be unstoppable. Unless of course Mitch does something cool… Pau folded. He got booed like Kwame. We need an elite point guard (who shoots a high percentage three) and a small forward who can knock down an open three. Our three-point shooting was horrible throughout the season (except the first few weeks) and it proved to our undoing in the playoffs . We are loaded up at center and power forward and we have one of the best shooting guards of all time. I have liked and rooted for Pau since he came to the team, but he let us down big time. The only way to get an elite point guard (because of salary space) is to trade Pau, Drew, or Kobe (or Lamar and a bunch of other guys). Lamar is your Swiss army knife. Kobe is untouchable. Drew is looking like the best center in the league. It has to be Pau. New Orleans isn’t so bad. It’s better than Memphis! Go Lakers! I am a Lakerholic.
I am in a “Let’s face it” mood today. We have all seen current Lakers do what Dirk did. Kobe has done it so many times it is scary. Just last year, D-Fish had to win one for us to keep us in the finals. Pau has finally got mad and took things in his hands. Lamar has said enough is enough and brought us back... Not this year… What do the Mavs have that we don’t? What is the elephant in the room? Heart. Where did it go? I am rooting for Mike to bring it back. I am also rooting for an elite point guard and a small forward that can both shoot a high percentage from three point land. Let’s face it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that we have one of the best if not the best shooting guards in the league. We are loaded up at center and power forward. We need a young, fast point guard who can run the new offense, get fast-break points, and hit the open shot and we need a small forward who can be a threat from the three point line – someone you have to guard. Half way through the season I was lamenting our three-point shooting. This was right around the time I was advocating picking up Peja. If he was on the team, coming in and doing what he has been doing for Dallas, things may have been different. If Sasha was on the team, doing what he was doing for the Nets, things may have been different. We had no outside threat. Let’s face it. It wasn’t just Pau that played like a weenie. Kobe did not drive to the basket. If Kobe had driven to the basket, things may have been different. At the end of games, Magic knew how to close them out. He was going to drive to the basket. The opponent could choose to foul or not foul. If they didn’t foul, he would get us 2 points. If they did foul, he would get us 2 or 3 points. Triple team him and you have Worthy or Kareem slamming it down. Kobe didn’t drive to the basket. The thing that gave me the biggest feeling of dread was not losing to Dallas. It was Kobe’s little statement about pecking order. It was Phil saying he didn’t want to coach Kobe on the down side of his career. There are some Hollywood actresses like Meryl Streep, Ellen Barkin, Sharron Stone, etc. that get old gracefully. They continue to work because they change and adapt and they don’t have a lot of ego. There are other actresses that keep trying to play parts they are too old for and eventually flame out. I hope Kobe can take the high road. Ok, enough “Let’s face it.” I am sure the Lakers will come back next season loaded for bear and the rest of the league will be quivering in their sights. They will be hungry again. They will have something to prove. Kobe will be attending practice. It will be different. I can’t wait because… I am a Lakerholic.
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@MM - I don't like this whole register thing. I am sure you haven't heard too many complaints because you have to register to complain. Whatever... How do you get your name back? PA - If you want to play "what if", where would Shaq have gone? Are you saying he wouldn't have won several rings with Iverson or Reggie? What about Sacremento? Do you think we would have beaten them if we had Divac and they had Shaq? Let me think, hmmmmmm... NO!!!!!! Sure he was The Big Missed Potential, he was also the most dominant player ever and still is a funny, entertaining person. Remember him breaking backboards? They had to change the rules to make the game fair for the guys who had to play against him. He always had his best games with the whole world watching - in the finals... for all the glory... I am glad that the Lakers will retire his jersey. It is the right thing to do. Mike Brown - Well, he was off my radar. He couldn't do it with LJ and he got fired from his last job. I really wanted Sloan. I hope Mitch at least called him. I didn't want Shaw. I like him a lot and hope he gets a chance as a head coach, but I thought we needed a shake-up. I was not crazy about the Adelman choice, but would have been OK with it. Larry Brown won a ring, but he is a loose cannon and I could imagine him and Kobe arguing a lot and it not lasting. After watching the video of Mike's press conference, I am very happy with the choice. He seems to have a vision of where we should go and I like it. We don't have the athleticism to run the triangle anymore. That is why PJ retired. He said in one interview that he didn’t want to coach Kobe on the downside of his career. It is unfair to put it on Kobe. Let’s face it, Kobe is old, Lamar is old, D-Fish is old, Ron is old, Pau is old, Blake is old, Barnes is old (not to mention Luke, Theo and Joe)… we are an old team. Who do we have that is young that even plays? Drew and Shannon… It is not fair to put it on Kobe. Phil knows that to run the triangle you need young athletic guys to sustain the movement for four quarters. He was not about to change his ways and didn’t want to go through an overhaul of the team, so he retired. We were old the last time he retired as well. We had Patton, Malone, etc. A bunch of guys retired after that season. We will see what he says if a young team asks him to come back. If Miami looses, I am sure Pat will make the call. In any case, I am happy with Mike’s decision to tailor the offense to the personnel. Dallas is old and they are doing OK. I like the focus that he has on defense. I have always felt that defense wins championships. I can remember a few defensive stands with D-Fish, Kobe, Shaq, Fox, and Horry where they would simply deny a pass to the best player in the waning seconds. I would love to see that kind of defensive intensity return to the team. Even after the smoke has cleared and I am no longer thinking we should fire everyone, I think it would be pretty short-sighted not to bring in a young, athletic point guard and a small forward that can hit a three. I have the feeling that Mike is thinking he doesn’t want to shake things up too much personnel-wise so that he can gain the trust of the team. He may want to wait until mid-season and see how it works out before doing anything drastic. The only way to get a really good point guard would be to trade Pau or Lamar and some other valuable asset. After watching the Lakers get swept and humiliated on national TV and witnessing Pau attempt his stupid little weenie outside shots instead of powering to the basket, I was pretty inclined to trade him. Maybe Mike can get through to him. I guess he deserves a chance to try. When SA had the twin tower offense working for them, they were very hard to beat. I think that what went wrong had a lot to do with major changes in personnel, rumors about infidelity, a coach with one foot out the door, behind the scenes gossip, etc. We were a good team (won 17 out of 18 games at one point), but we lost our team unity. We lost our chemistry. We lost our Mojo. We had it the year before when we beat Boston. Hopefully, Mike can lead the charge in bringing it back. It is an extra long off-season this year but… I am a Lakerholic.
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Jun 2, 2011