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LanaGTP added a favorite at Forty Deuce
Sep 12, 2010
Really beautifully written and I agree with you C Note. Nole played great and deserved to win that match and I congrats him for that. I was surprised when commentator at the end of the match asked "What do you think? Did Roger lose or Novak win?" That was so unfair. After playing so great, after winning second and fourth sets 61, 62, how can somebody even ask that question?? Why do people so much worship Roger that they can't give credits to anybody else? At least for player who is No. 3 in the world.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Spoiler Alert. at Forty Deuce
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Hahaha, oh I love your comments so much, you are amazing! And I have to say, I like Sasha because he makes Masha smiles all the time. That's good... And I like Sasha for one more thing, he is a Serb! His father, Vaso Vujacic, is a Serbian basketball coach who lived in Slovenia for a while, where Sasha was born. Later they moved to Italy where Sasha began his career in Snaidero Udine. He won a silver medal at the 2002 European Junior Championship with a Slovenian team. That's his short biography. For anybody who ask themselves who Sasha Vujacic is. :)
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Congrats and enjoy it!! :)))
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Jul 11, 2010