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Lifted from the Facebook timeline. Saturday, August 20, 2016. Posted Saturday morning, September 24. Today's medical update contains a minimum of whining (I hope). First, I still hurt but I’m definitely on the mend. Taking longer than I expected but I can see and feel the progress. Second, and more important, thank you all for your concern, support, encouragement, advice, and well-wishes. You've done more than cheer me up. You're really helping with my getting better. It's that mind/body thing my friend David Weiss (which should be pronounced Wise) has opened my eyes to. I've also had the love and... Continue reading
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Posted Friday night, September 23, 2016. Night on the docks, wellfleet! @capecod_online @capecodtimes #capecod — CapeCast (@capecast) August 24, 2016 Continue reading
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Mined from the notebooks. Wednesday. September 7, 2016. Posted Friday, September 23. What I was saying a little while back about those aggressive drivers of bright shiny new pickup trucks? Not all those bad drivers are Trump supporters. Not all Trump supporters are bad drivers. But I think it can be safely assumed that many Trump supporters, if they’re not menaces to traffic, go out of their way to make themselves obnoxious in some other way. They’re like Trump himself in that regard. Never happy unless they’re sticking it to someone else. Like this guy we saw yesterday, driving his... Continue reading
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Posted Wednesday evening, September 21, 2016. Unlike the Trump Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative has numbers to prove its worth: — WIRED (@WIRED) September 21, 2016 Continue reading
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That's it! Thank you, David. Wasn't rhetorical. I honestly couldn't remember.
Mined from the notebooks at last. Saturday, July 23, 2016. Posted Monday night, September 19. “That cunning man…the great tactician…the resourceful” Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) marooned amid the wreckage of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek: Beyond. Saw Star Trek: Beyond today. Better. Much Better. I don’t know what producer and director J.J. Abrams thought he was doing with Star Trek: Into Darkness, the second of the now three installments of Abrams’ reboot of the original Star Trek series of TV shows and movies. I’m not sure Abrams knew either. Into Darkness opens with a rousing mini-movie that... Continue reading
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Falstaff, yes! Hornblower! Thanks for piping him aboard! One of the underlying themes of the reboots is that this Kirk was promoted to captain before he was ready. In many ways he's still like the young Hornblower you describe. But in Star Trek: Beyond he takes a big step towards becoming the Hornblower most people know, which means becoming more like the Kirk we know from the original series. As for Sulu, I was thinking of comparing him to Tom Pullings from O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series, but of course O'Brian was working from Forster as a model. By the way, have you seen ST:B yet? Now that you mention Hornblower, the jackets the crew wear over their classic color-coded sweaters remind me of Hornblower's and Lucky Jack's blue and gold-trimmed dress coats.
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Posted Sunday morning, September 18, 2016. Medical update and literary blogging: Taking too long as far as I’m concerned, but slowly but surely I’m working my way back up to snuff, and that includes getting my blogging chops back. I'm about done with my review of Star Trek: Beyond and I’ve got a post in the works about a musical based on Kurt Vonnegut’s novel God Bless You, Mister Rosewater. That one touches on themes in Vonnegut’s work I’ve written about before, so I think that gives me an excuse to re-post this post from May 2006: _________________________________________________________ In Timequake... Continue reading
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Posted Saturday morning, September 17, 2016. I don't believe that on the whole the national press corps wants Trump to win. Seems that way sometimes though doesn't it? But most of the journalists covering this circus of an election are smart, decent-minded people and they know Trump for what he is and are appalled by him and at the prospect of him president. And there are signs they are growing more and more appalled and angry, and they’re determined to do something about it. Trump does have allies and closet fans in the press corps. There are right-leaning, racist, corporatist... Continue reading
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Posted Friday, September 16, 2016. Actually, I’m not sure I’d enjoy bowling here. Bowling alleys are already venues for sensory overload. My brain would short circuit after two frames. Pretty to look at though so make sure you look at all the photos. This Vintage 1927 Steampunk Bowling Alley Looks Amazing — TwistedSifter (@TwistedSifter) July 19, 2016 Continue reading
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Posted Wednesday morning, September 14, 2016. Way along the backshore in south truro! @capecod_online @capecodtimes #capecod — CapeCast (@capecast) August 15, 2016 This is not a level, stable, protected kind of beach. It is steep, full of long shoulders and curves, and fluctuates in outline not only as a result of storms but with each tide and even with every wave, making new bays, curves, shallow hills, and hollows; but the beach is an interbalanced system. All its materials come from offshore or the erosion of the cliffs. Wave action removes the cliff material, and currents moving parallel to... Continue reading
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This post has been moved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow the link to Acquainted with the night. Continue reading
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This post has been moved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow the link to Aboard the S.S. Economic Anxiety. Continue reading
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This post has been moved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow the link to A Man in Full Meltdown. Continue reading
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More mining from the notebooks. July 23, 2016. Posted Monday, September 12. Last movie I saw before going into the hospital for my back surgery was Star Trek: Beyond. Which I liked a lot. But I didn’t get a chance to write up my review before the operation took the stuffing out of me for the next six weeks. I’m working on it now and should have it up by tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a post I planned as an aside to the review. ____________________________________________________ “You can fly this thing, right?”: With Ensign Chekov (Anton Yelchin, left) looking on nervously, Captain... Continue reading
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Sunday morning, August 28, 2016. Hank Greenberg, Father Blonde’s baseball hero, parking one in the summer of 1945. This was taken at a game in Detroit, but it’s likely the next time the Tigers were in Philadelphia, the then 13 year old Father Blonde was in the stands hoping to see the Hammer belt one out of Shibe Park. Photo courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I got resoundingly booed yesterday when I started to give the toast to Father Blonde at the luncheon Mother Blonde hosted after the funeral. Maybe I shouldn't have led off with the fact... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2016 at Lance Mannion
Posted Saturday night, September 10, 2016. Epic double feature hits the big screen in wellfleet this weekend! @capecod_online @capecodtimes #capecod — CapeCast (@capecast) September 9, 2016 Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2016 at Lance Mannion
Sunday morning, August 28, 2016. We buried Father Blonde yesterday, nd here's the happy news from the funeral. Yes. Happy. If there can be such a thing as a happy funeral, then Old Father Blonde's was a happy one, which is in keeping with the spirit of the man. Thank you one and all for your expressions of love and support and for your encouragement and prayers. Joe was never a fan of the internet himself but he liked hearing about my adventures in blogging and so he knew you were out there, he knew many of you by name,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2016 at Lance Mannion
Bluejeepsd, I should've put the photo credit up top. I swiped it from Wikipedia and it was just for clickbait on Twitter and Facebook. I don't like doing that and I didn't much care for the picture itself. As you can see, I got rid of it. Gave the wrong impression. We didn't get that close to our bear and he was in and out of the road so fast I didn't have time to stop, let alone take a picture. Plus, while our bear was big I don't think he (or she) was quite that big. El Jefe, Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. And it was kind of a magic moment. And I'll check out A Single Bear's Twitter feed. Thanks for the heads up. Oliver has a sharp eye and takes good pictures but as I said to Bluejeepsd, the bear was in and out of the road so fast there really wasn't time to take a picture. The bear knew he'd made a wrong turn right away. Next time we go up there though, we'll be on the look out, camera ready.
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Friday morning, around 8:30. August 12, 2016. A bear! A bear! We saw a bear! As I was driving Oliver up to the summer camp in the country where he’s working a short stint this week in addition to his regular job at his college library, a big black bear loped out of the bushes and into the road. He took a quick look around, decided that was not at all where he wanted to be, and lumbered back into the bushes from which he came. The forty-minute drive between here and there is a reminder that this is still... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2016 at Lance Mannion
Posted Tuesday afternoon, September 6, 2016. President Obama just quadrupled the size of a national marine monument off northwestern Hawaii. — National Geographic (@NatGeo) August 26, 2016 Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2016 at Lance Mannion
August 11, 2016. "I'm going into second grade, but I'm the best reader in my grade. It's my favorite thing." High five, young padawan! #yougogirl — Shayera Tangri (@shayera) August 11, 2016 Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2016 at Lance Mannion
Saturday, August 20, 2016. I’m beginning to think I don’t really understand how this Twitter thing works. Once again I’ve been surprised that an offhand, not particularly deep or well-thought-out Tweet I posted before my first cup of coffee has gotten hundreds of RTs, likes, dislikes in the form of irate return Tweets, praise for my sagacity and wonder at my wisdom and insight, and calumny, insult, angry challenges, and more than a few defiantly announced blockings. Blocking is often necessary because of the harassment, bullying, and worse multitudes of morons and sociopaths online feel licensed to engage in by... Continue reading
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Tuesday. August 16, 2016. A beautiful day for taking a walk around Newhaven harbour. #Edinburgh #Sunshine :) … — EdinburghSketcher (@edinsketcher) August 15, 2016 Continue reading
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Monday morning. August 15, 2016. Happened again. Driver of a pickup truck waiting behind me at a light decided he couldn’t wait two seconds for me to find the gas pedal when it changed and swung out into oncoming traffic and then back into the lane inches in front of me as I began to move forward so that I had to hit my brakes to avoid rear-ending him. He pulled this maneuver while leaning on his horn and giving me the finger as he blew past. Then he roared forward, getting a whole forty yards before he had to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2016 at Lance Mannion