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The process of handing over the economy to a generation of not very bright but very, very greedy sociopaths began longer ago than 1984, but by Mid-Morning in America it was going ahead full tilt. From Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local - and Helped Save an American Town by Beth Macy: The first time John Bassett visited an Asian factory was in 1984, and it was only after dinner and way too many drinks that an elderly factory owner in Taiwan revealed his real opinion of American business leaders. The man was so candid that... Continue reading
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Wednesday, October 22. New posts below and more on the way but please read this first: God, I'm sounding like an email from the Democrats. I’m sorry to keep doing this again but as you know, things have been rough here and they're getting rougher. We’re doing our best but you know how it goes. It's going to be a scramble to get through the next few weeks. So I’m asking for your help with the gas and tolls. If you like what goes on around here and you can swing it please consider making a donation. It would be... Continue reading
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In a way, Times Square hasn't changed in a hundred years, has it? Times Square cluttered with signs, 1909 | #NYC #NY— (@NewYorkologist) October 18, 2014 Continue reading
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The great Wev McEwan: …any job where there is a real possibility of injury (and dealing with hot cooking equipment and oil contains a real possibility of injury) actually takes some skill. And any job that necessitates dealing with the public, and successfully navigating the abuse that unhappy people heap upon people in service positions, actually takes a lot of skill. This isn't low-skill work. Not really. It's low-valued skill work. These aren’t McJobs. The people working them are not McPeople living McLives. They are being paid McMoney while the chains and corporations that employ them abuse them, degrade them,... Continue reading
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Updated below. Monday evening. October 20, 2014. Cartoon by Pat Oliphant courtesy of the Library of Congress, from the exhibition Pat Oliphant’s Anthem. I’m enjoying Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge but I don’t recommend it as middle of the night reading for insomniacs awakened by nightmares and kept awake by personal demons and family ghosts. It’s not that the ghost of Richard Nixon is terrible company during a dark night of the soul. Not just that, at any rate. It’s that he’s not doomed to walk the night alone. He travels with lots of company, including his gang of attendant... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Lance Mannion
Maybe you only know Cotton Mather from his role in the Salem Witch Trials. That’s pretty much all I knew about him, until I read this: Disease was an inseparable part of the New England story from the beginning. It arrived with the Great Migration of the 1630s, aboard the very ships that brought so many families to New England. It returned in 1666, and again in 1678, when an epidemic killed 340 Bostonians. A young Cotton Mather wrote, “Boston burying-places never filled so fast.” With time, local leaders began to develop crude public health policies—burying the dead quickly, flying... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Lance Mannion
October 5, 2014. She’s a beaut, ain’t she? 1915 Ford Model T. I took this and the photos below one year ago today, October 5, 2013, intending to post them here back then. I don’t know why I didn’t. Yes, I do. The car and its crew were on their way to Detroit on their way back from Detroit which they’d reached the first time by way of Winnepeg by way of Edmonton by way of Yellowstone by way of Vegas by way California by way of the Grand Canyon by way of Texas by way of…Africa by way of... Continue reading
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Tuesday, October 21. New posts below but please read this first: I’m sorry to do this again but I need to do some urgent fundraising. As you know, things have been rough here. We’re doing our best to muddle through but you know how it goes. Money we were counting on isn’t going to come through and things are a little dire. We;ll have to scramble to get through the next four weeks. A big expense is the trips up and back to Syracuse and getting the guys to and from school everyday.. So I’m asking for your help with... Continue reading
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Tonight's delicious feature for Mannion Family Movie Night. It's going to be hard to be content with pizza and wings. A master chef in the kitchen but an incompetent newbie when it comes to social media, Carl Casper (Jon Favreau, right) starts a Twitter flame war despite the warnings of his saucier Martin (John Leguizamo, far left) and sous chef Tony (Bobby Cannavale), accidentally setting in motion his own downfall and eventual redemption in Chef, a comedy about the joy of cooking and other things, written and directed by Favreau. House special: Click on the photos above and below for... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Lance Mannion
Details from “The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti” a mini mural by Ben Shahn illustrating one of the reasons Columbus Day became a national holiday. Image courtesy of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art via Blouin ArtInfo. October 13, 2014. Happy Columbus Day! Or as I’ve fondly grown to think of it: “Happy Sanctimonious Liberals on the Internet Congratulate Themselves on Their Moral Superiority to a Delusional, Incompetent, and Possibly Mad 15th Century Genocidist and Imperial Freebooter Day!” I kid. You know I love you, fellow sanctimonious liberals! Seriously, though, in making the case that Columbus Day should be... Continue reading
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Sunrise over Syracuse. Seven this morning. Wednesday. October 15, 2014. Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Lance Mannion
fdchief, you'll like The Invisible Bridge. Perlstein does a good job of depicting Reagan's meanness and his skills as a salesman. Just for the record, though, it was Nixon who smeared Douglas as the Pink Lady when they ran for the Senate in 1950. Greg Michell wrote a good book on that campaign, Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady : Richard Nixon vs Helen Gahagan Douglas-Sexual Politics and the Red Scare, 1950. You're right, though, about how the real Reagan has been buried by the Right. Vixenstrangely, I'm not sure and I'll try to check it, but I think in W's case it was just that he bought what was once a working ranch and he had even less to do with actual cattle than Reagan. I don't think he ever tried to pass himself off as a cowboy though. He was content for it to be implied. The point of his going to "the ranch" was to show how much he disliked Washington and that his heart was really down home in Texas. It was part of his trying to pass himself off as a regular guy and a real Murkin. I'm sure you know all this, but times got worse economically as the 70s moved along and by the time you were 8 inflation had reached 13 percent which is partly why we ended up with President Reagan. And I think a lot of people forget that what he and his administration did first to "stimulate" the economy was to deliberately cause another recession so it's no wonder why by the time you were 10 things were so hard for your father and your family. Roger Green, conservation means being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Ronald Reagan told me so.
El Jefe, always wanted to visit Oregon. Luckily for you the entrance onto I-84 West isn't directly on the way to school and requires several turns to get to and I'd have to think about what I was doing or one of these days I might be showing up on your doorstep.
I’m still kicking myself for having missed the Democratic primary here and blown my chance to vote against Andrew Cuomo twice. You can be sure I’ll be voting against him next month, but here’s the thing. I really shouldn’t be having to vote against him at all. I mean two things by that. One is that as a good Franklin Roosevelt-revering liberal Democrat from New York I shouldn’t be presented with the likes of Andrew Cuomo on the ballot as the Democratic nominee for governor at all. As I’ve said, Cuomo isn’t a closet Republican. Also, as I’ve said, the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Pretty day, huh? Almost wish I could sail a boat down to New York City instead of take the train. Looking west across the Hudson from the Beacon train station platform. Eight-fifteen, Tuesday morning. September 23, 2014. Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Jonah turned around and walked out of the bar. He looked out at the city: his home. If this was his home, what did that make the man he had just seen, to him? What was the fellowship that existed between two people in the same home? It had to be fellowship of some kind. Hadn’t he been that man---a thousand times? He knew then was was so awful in his visions, what gave them their power to terrify, to torment---to make his life seem so peculiarly hollow all of a sudden: They were true. That fragility he had seen... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Updated below. 6:30 Sunday morning. October 12, 2014. Little while back, I wrote a post about how Fox News actually entertains its viewers by telling them the world is coming to an end and they’re all going to die. People eat this up with a spoon. It’s probably not so much that they enjoy having their angers and their fears and their hatreds fed back to them, as it gives them a visceral thrill. They like the sensations aroused. Plus, it’s emotionally satisfying to be told you’re right, even if what you’re right about is that the world is coming... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2014 at Lance Mannion
The route from here into Newburgh, where we drop both guys off in the mornings, Oliver at his college, Ken at the stop for the shuttle that takes him to his school, takes us past the entrance to I-84 East, the first leg of the trip to Cape Cod from here. Early one morning, couple weeks back Uncle Merlin sent this picture from the front porch of his place on the Cape. He’d just come back from a walk down to one of our favorite coffee shops in town. I got the photo on my phone just before setting off... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2014 at Lance Mannion
9:15 A.M. Sunday. Sun and blue skies have returned after taking all day yesterday off. Chilly. Barely 50. A breeze that comes and goes. We’re not past peak foliage yet but leaves are dropping. When the breeze picks up, leaves swirl and fall, and there are rust colored blankets at the bases of maple trees, brown drifts at the edges of the road, and raked piles of pale gold and fading red waiting to be bagged dotting lawns here and there . The air is aromatic with that distinctive tangy whiff of fall, acrid, earthy, a hint of burning, the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Started reading Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan and it’s turning out to be what it couldn’t help being and I knew it would have to be but which I’d hoped I wouldn’t mind too much. A long, depressing slog through the 1970s. It’s other things too, good things that will keep me reading, but having to relive that “kidney stone of a decade” is going to take a lot of the fun out of it. What a tawdry, mean, ugly, unhappy time that was. And it’s not just the reminders of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Continuing my report from Wednesday’s (September 24th) closing plenary session of the Clinton Global Initiative. With all the big dreaming going on at the Clinton Global Initiative and all the great schemes for tackling so many of the world’s most pressing problems, this one almost slipped by me. Wednesday, Chelsea Clinton announced that Zimbabwe-based Econet Wireless International is donating 5,000 solar-powered lanterns “to support relief teams working to treat, contain and prevent the Ebola outbreaks in some of the most affected areas, particularly the rural areas which currently have limited access to ongoing consistent clinical care.” It seemed like such... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Bill Clinton getting a kick out of being Bill Clinton. Photo’s from the 2012 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. Unfortunately, whoever’s responsible on Clinton Foundation’s social media team hasn’t posted a similar photo from this year’s meeting. But trust me. Bill was having just as much fun being Bill. Photo courtesy of the Clinton Global Initiative. Still working my notes from last week’s trip to the Clinton Global Initiative up into posts. When I’m finished I’ll go back and rearrange things chronologically, but for today, here’s my report from Tuesday’s, September 23rd, afternoon plenary session. Yes, I know. I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Updated. Saturday evening. October 4, 2014. Hardest part of the drive up and back to Syracuse is trying to ignore the news shows blaring from the TVs at the Thruway rest stops while having a cup of coffee and taking advantage of the WiFi to noodle on the net. It’s usually CNN. One story after another about how THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED. That last story we told you was THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED? FORGET THAT. IN FACT, AS FAR WAS WE’RE CONCERNED NOW THAT ONE NEVER HAPPENED. THIS ONE IS THE THE WORST THING.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2014 at Lance Mannion
Bill Clinton’s Skype session with the astronauts was one of the most fun parts of this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, but what followed was one of the most engrossing and moving, Hillary Cinton’s conversation with Graça Machel because it was my first real glimpse of Machel apart from her place in the biography of her late husband, Nelson Mandela. I’m just posting the video without commentary so I don’t get in your way. It’s 16 minutes long but worth the time. Here’s the link to the page devoted to Machal at The Elders. Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2014 at Lance Mannion
CJColucci, Unobtanium?
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