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Apr 28, 2010
I thought I'd just come on to're wrong Armando. LOL. You make some good points for a losing effort, but you also didn't give any reasons for why or how the Phins could give the Patsies some real trouble. Why just leave it to us? This team always has a chance to win the game. Whether or not they get over the hump into the next level of teams remains to be seen. It will surely be difficult as they are playing a lot of young guys, but one thing young guys give you is speed and fire. I look for this combination to give the Phins some real upsets when these young boys turn the corner. I actually look forward to that Turner kid getting on the field soon as well. I remember thinking,..."Wow. This kid is BIG." in the preseason. Despite whatever drawbacks he's had, he needs the experience and I can't help but remember some of his catches for 1st Down where he just dwarfed and outmuscled the little corners. Does that sound familiar in this league? The Phins could really use him and need to get him on the field. Screw it. Throw the kitchen sink(Wake) at em', watch out for some stupid surprise like a Bellicheat Wildcat clone and see if the Phins can make the Patriots wilt in the second half. I believe in this team, even if it seems like they have holes and needs. So does every team in the NFL. Go Phins!!!! :)
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Chad Pennington is a real class act and deserves to get the starter nod after last year and how he worked and prepared for this year. Chad Henne is obviously the future and until he outworks Pennington or Pennington is injured, he will get the valuable time in learning this system as well as gaining more knowledge of NFL defenses. Pat White will be effective in the role he is given and I agree with you 100 percent about the state of the QB position for now. I think we have good problems here. I'm almost certain that we will see Pat White break a long run this season at a critical moment and I believe he will also hit someone deep with a scoring strike. His speed will force defenders to linger towards the box and if they don't I believe he will scramble very well. That said, kudos to you and your QB position insight in this one. As for people who hate on you, I am not one of them, though I do disagree with what I think are sometimes, 'against the grain' opinions or when I think you are overly negative. I know the Phins are coming off a rough stretch and that probably enabled that. But fans need a nice dose of positivity to stay motivated. Or else they just follow you down the Path of Doom. I haven't seen any of that from you this off-season, and I do read your blog so you must be doing something right. :) I do love me some 'Omar' though, as I have to give him credit for his hard work and insights into trench warfare that others seem to mostly ignore. Later Armando.
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Dude! That was a great Marino story. You forget that he may have been 'Hawk-Eye' on the field, but he has a really big heart off it. Great QB. Great person.
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Mando. I actually like the 'classic' moments you've been sharing. It breaks up the monotony of reports on training camp and various tedium that results from the season not being here yet. If I were you, I'd keep those coming. Nice. Thanks for the training camp tidbits. It would also be nice, just for the sake of knowing, why that kid, SirVincent Rogers just up and left camp. Did he just realize he was no match for these guys or what? Anyway,....I'm out! Peace man.
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Hey Mando. I am very happy that Taylor is back in the fold with an real good relationship with the coach. It seems that Sparano can ask Jason to do anything and he will follow through. This can only mean good things for the Phins. Peace man.
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