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My 4 year old recently started drawing pictures that look like things and writing her name in these big letters (the E has four lines sticking out of the upwards line for example), but it makes me tear up when she hands them to me. Congratulations to you on a job well done. I look forward to having to change my own air filters in the future...
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hhhhmmm---- You do live very much like the rest of us, but my closet is messier... Also, don't know if you knew this, but kitties don't like their litter boxes that close to their food/water. I guess your cat has not indicated that yet, as mine has, but if you have "potty issues" that may be why. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your office!
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Jul 5, 2011
I was groped last year by TSA when I had been pulled aside for the "random pat-down" and kindly asked the agent to not hover the wand over my defibulator -- which she kept doing I guess thinking there was a bomb in my collar bone/shoulder? I had forgot my medical ID proving it was there, even though I pulled my collar aside to show the scars and she told me it didn't matter and took me to another area for the more extensive groping. It took me like 20 minutes to get through and this was at a very small town airport with no body scanners! It was horrible and the gals I was traveling with encouraged me to file a lawsuit or at least consult a lawyer, which I didn't since I forgot my card. I hate TSA and try not to travel anymore. If ever a class action lawsuit were in order it should be soon! I hope you feel better Wil. I got over it and just think back on it bitterly now. Just remember that you are better than them: more educated, more worldly and just a plain, better person, darn it!
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Is the place you've never been that keeps asking here in Pullman, WA? I hope?? We could use better Mom's Weekend entertainment than the current line-up. I'd be all for trying something new like the Wootstock!
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Looking around the university campus where I work right now, I agree that there's a HUGE sense of entitlement -- especially among the lower undergrads who don't want to be taught how to do research, since Google is FAR better in their minds and then they are shocked to get less than passing grades on their poorly written papers like "Was Alexander the Great that Great," "Violence back into the stone ages," or "How Guam, the Philippines and Hawaii gained their independence as countries from the U.S." WTF?!!?
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OMG!! My roommate freshman year in college had this poster on her side of the room. She even made up a song about you! Thanks for the memories.
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OOOHH--- Great posting of a remembory! My Dad worked at McDonnell Douglas back then and he still refuses to see Apollo 13 because he said it was too stressful when he lived it: he was one of the guys in the room using the random stuff to make the "fix." Thanks for passing this along!!
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Jul 21, 2010