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I would like the characterization of Wall Street analysts as "the plutocracy who actually own their asses and have the attention span and farsightedness of mayflies" if it was not so unfair to mayflies.
Mirrorless makes sense no matter what the size of the captor. The trick of getting a mirror in the light path, then flipping it out of the way and back was only intended to try and let the photographer see what the film will see for framing and focusing. This was difficult and expensive, and limited by the mechanical precision of the mirror positioning. This is now pointless because we can see in an EVF what the sensor will see without having to manage complex and precise mechanics. We are not far from EVF resolution that surpasses the eye separation power, and sufficiently short lag as to be imperceptible. We will get there in a short time, so let's admit that mirrors are obsolete. Notice that I never mentioned sensor size, because it is not relevant in my opinion because the question is really OVF vs. EVF.
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Sep 21, 2012