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San Francisco
Zinester and local culture enthusiast
Interests: Independent music, underground publishing, spoken word, zines, local politics
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We won't ever know the answer, and won't know even the coroner's results for a while. Thanks for pointing out that there are other risk factors. However, I think observable changes in voice and appearance, while anecdotal, cannot be discounted - her drug use was not without effect. My takeaway is that her death is helping motivate me to work on my own issues.
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It is worth noting that in the process, KUSF, the station at 90.3 in San Francisco associated with the University of San Francisco was shut down. It was one of the last free-form radio stations, playing a lot of local and independent music.
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Back in the late 1980s again... just re-read Karen Finley's piece "It Was Only Art" from the High Risk anthology this morning, and it's still timely.