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You have until 28 April to get your name on the general election ballot as an unaffiliated candidate for one of these races, Steve.,_2018
It is truly sad and disappointing you don't have the support, resources or political courage to run for statewide office as a third party or unaffiliated candidate, Steve.
Well, that's offensive hate speech, Steve. Thomas Jefferson has a clearer view of history than you do and he's dead. So, what are you doing to reverse the culture of corruption in Pierre or are you just content to watch Pat Powers brush it all off as business as usual?
We're all Africans, Steve. While you're chasing apostates Pierre and South Dakota are being looted by the Republican establishment because there are no principled conservatives with the balls to run third party or unaffiliated races for statewide office.
Just say it: radical christianic terrorism. Good guy with a gun=white guy; bad guy with a gun=brown guy. Just like Republicans use the Second Amendment as white privilege, "pro-life" is about white people breeding. Nickolas Cruz, Stephen Paddock, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Robert Dear, James Holmes, Eric Rudolph, Jared Loughner, Wade Michael Page, Ted Kaczynski and Eric Frein all are or were christians. Since the alleged jihadist attacks on September 11, 2001 homegrown terrorists have killed nearly twice as many people in the United States than foreign-influenced militants have. 60% of guns recovered in crimes in Chicago come from outside the state. Is this how Americans really want to live? Carry rifles and sidearms into every bar, church, and arena? A gun is like a lawyer: you carry one around long enough and sooner or later you're going to use it. As white nationalists drive gun violence in the United Snakes even South Dakota churches are bracing for the worst. Gun carrying people are saying they are being responsible (but won't be held liable) for our safety if the rest of us don’t, or refuse to, carry. Thomas Jefferson believed a standing army and the right to bear arms are mutually exclusive. Stand your ground has become vigilante justice because the courts are overwhelmed with suspects in the war on drugs, our communities are becoming armed camps and we’re barricaded in our homes afraid to let our kids go to school. How many more people will be caught in or die from as yet uncounted crossfires? Americans have brought this on themselves since radical christianity has murdered millions but you know what scares me? Donald Trump has escalated his war on civilians and someone seeking retaliation could roll a truck bomb into Rapid City Central or Sioux Falls Lincoln High School after an Ellsworth-based drone pilot or some jock from the 114th Fighter Wing targets a wedding party or religious service.
So, you're over at Dakota Wart College defending your people from the Republican establishment instead of fixing the sewer that is Pierre? Howz that workin' for ya, Steve?
This planet is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Human sacrifice, catholics and jews living together.... you crack me up, sib.
It is deeply disheartening that there are no principled conservatives in my home state without the support, resources or courage to mount third party and unaffiliated runs for statewide office.
Steve, thanks for helping us understand why the anti-Earth conservatives hate the truth.
Jefferson denied the divinity of Jesus (who he put on a par with Sir Isaac Newton and da Vinci) and ridiculed christianity and "mohammadism" equally.
In fact: you have apparently forgotten the ground you live on was seized from aboriginal cultures by President Thomas Jefferson through an executive order that even he believed was unconstitutional now South Dakota is a chemical toilet and toxic shit hole. You disappoint and disgust me, Steve.
George Washington became a warlord because his slaves created the wealth that paid for cannon, powder and ball. Thomas Jefferson would be shocked to learn any American Indians survived the Holocaust at all. The reading of the Declaration of Independence by members of the reporting staff at NPR on the 4th of July gets me every time. Past on-air personalities, some now correspondents at the pearly gates, also read for this decades-old feature. The tears stream down my face right up to the line that begins: "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare…" That’s when it hits me right between the eyes. When those words were being written, thousands of cultures inhabited a continent that seemed to keep growing huge ripe plums just waiting for Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and the rest to pick and pick and pick and pick. Already, the Chesapeake Bay estuary had been mostly denuded of native vegetation, not to mention of its former human inhabitants. Slaves tilled the fields and built the infrastructure, the ancestors of the Lakota and other Siouan groups that had been forced westward out of North Carolina generations earlier, traded with the Spanish and French while forging their own alliances (and marriages) with other indigenous peoples. So, we’ve come a long way, init? Hey America: it's time to wake up and smell the Tsingtao. The United States Constitution is the finest instrument ever created by the human hand. The Preamble is the body, the Bill of Rights is the neck, the Amendments are the strings. It is a fluid universal execution of human and civil rights. While the Palestinian homeland looks like holes in the slice of Swiss cheese analogous to the illegal Israeli state, progress toward resolutions of Native trust disputes would have far more political traction after tribes secede from the States in which they reside and then be ratified to form one State, the 51st, sans contiguous borders with two Senators and two House members as there are an estimated 2.5 million indigenous living on reservations. Every federal department and agency already recognize Native America as the 51st State. It’s time for all Americans to enjoy the protection of law by being part of one nation: erase the artificial borders and grant Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to all the people of North America…Mexico, Central America, Canada, even the Caribbean if they’ll have us. I'm not a New World Order guy, don't support the North American Union (god bless you. please, mr. roddenberry) and I believe the US Constitution is a big enough canvas in order to paint a more perfect masterpiece, a big enough score for all to sing. No violence. No more drug wars. Let’s debate it then draft a dream referendum to be delivered by and for the people of Mexico to dissolve their constitution and petition for Statehood as our 52nd State. Quebec could be the 53rd and Cuba, the 54th. The United States is the Hamiltonian Empire Thomas Jefferson warned us about. Resistance is futile.
Uh, Sib? Nearly every participant of the South Dakota blogosphere knows Mr. Cornelius is a member of the Oglala Lakota Oyate and a survivor of the genocide visited on his people by christians just like you. At least 100 million indigenous were slaughtered by your people and your hate speech just embarrasses America even more than Donald Trump's does.
Pat Powers is pounding your candidates and you are still suffering from Heidelberger Derangement Syndrome, Steve? What the hell is wrong with you?
It's impossible to speak for all of the American Left but most of us just hate white Republicans and white European Nazis, Steve.
Radical christianic terrorism: since the alleged jihadist attacks on September 11, 2001 homegrown terrorists have killed nearly twice as many people in the United States than foreign-influenced militants have. Nickolas Cruz, Stephen Paddock, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Rudolph, Jared Loughner, Wade Michael Page, Ted Kaczynski and Eric Frein all are or were christians. 60% of guns recovered in crimes in Chicago come from outside the state.
By your definition Pat Powers isn't a christian and doesn't support the US Constitution or its principles, Steve; yet you have given him a free pass to bludgeon your chosen candidates without remorse. My guess? You're as big a hypocrite as he is.
I have no regrets exposing Cory Heidelberger and the South Dakota Democratic Party as the flaccid political novices they are. Without any leadership the entire group is doomed to ignominy. After allowing unaffiliated voters to influence their elections the South Dakota Democratic Party should abandon the primary process and nominate candidates at their state conventions. Lawrence and Brookings County used to be Democratic strongholds but now the party can't even field candidates in either locale. Democrats are losing even more credibility with young people and American Indians. That South Dakota Republicans prop up illegal drug use and project an ethics black hole while ignoring a potential revenue source is just more evidence of red state collapse. But, a red moocher state like South Dakota is powered by sin: video lootery, a loan shark industry that preys on the least fortunate, a massive gambling addiction and a too-big-to-jail banking racket fill in the gaps created by lobbyists who enjoy the protection of single-party tyranny. Fact is: the best way to a strong two party system in South Dakota is for arch-conservatives to launch a third party. South Dakota's most ardent earth haters are still looking for principled conservatives to run in statewide elections. Shad Olson, Stace Nelson, Neal Tapio and Lora Hubbel could be those candidates. SDDP has exactly nothing to lose by being revolutionary. Pass a corporate income tax, end video lootery, reduce the number of South Dakota counties to 25, turn Dakota State University into a community college, and adopt my cannabis template: the kurtz solution painted on a thumbnail.
The only prayer atheist Cory Heidelberger has is the one his pastor wife says to get him the hell out of the house.
Far be it from me to defend Heidelberger since he's clueless about what South Dakota voters want in a US Representative. Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson will rout Shantel in the earth hater primary and scamper to victory in the general because the Libertarian Party candidate is running to the left of Tim Bjorkman on cannabis and civil liberties eroding the Democratic base.
Sorry for this off-topic comment, Steve but it might be time for you to take gender dysphoria next. Wondering why some people want to cut off their testicles, change genders or why your kids are autistic? Aluminum, propylene glycol (steareths), Triclosan, parabens and phthalates are endocrine disruptors that wreak havoc in children and adolescents. Industrial agriculture is also complicit in gender dysphoria and autism. It sure is curious how some can tout the benefits of surgical genital mutilation as a treatment for gender dysphoria while condemning other therapies like cannabis and denying others death with dignity.
Here's some my research on Shafai, Sib:
Wow, Steve: catholic hypocrite Lee Schoenbeck is calling Neal Tapio a nutcase yet he gets a pass here? I thought you were an equal opportunity researcher but apparently your position in Pat Powers' sidebar makes you just as much an earth hater as they are.
The United Snakes is a rogue state. "A former St. Catherine University student charged with setting fires on the college’s St. Paul campus told police she did it because she’d “been reading about the U.S. military destroying schools in Iraq or Afghanistan and she felt that she should do exactly the same thing,” according to a criminal complaint filed Friday."
Randy Newman - Let's Drop the Big One Now