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Tablets are just PCs in another form factor, most often running and OS other than Windows or Mac OS. Soon, they will be running the latest version of Windows. It is best, to be a bit philosophically correct about this. PCs ARE personal computers, and that is what tablets are. The greatest change in paradigm here is the move towards using these as terminals for centralized computing instead of local application processors. I.e. whether the move into cloud services will be total or the market and need for local processing remains. This has the potential to deeply change the way we use IT, since we are practically both handing over the responsibility but also the power and control of ones software to third parties; this goes for your data as well. The biggest issue is, how much we really want to integrate our personal lives with corporate interests and influence. Besides that, its all down to peripherals. Fantasy 1 (soon) - Small phone sized computing unit - Wireless charging - so many places, you never run dry - Wireless interfacing (data transfer - video, audio, data) - Hexacore 2GHz low voltage CPU - Very fast & secure wifi - 4-5G - All wireless connection to TV, Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpads Kinetic, 2D printers, 3D printers, 3D glasses, Hifi, Car, Google Glasses, Projectors - Everything IT now and then. In this scenario. The PC is not dead, it just evolved. This I think, we will see soon. And, not so soon... Fantasy 2 (total sci fi stuff, you will see it, if your under 40) - Implanted or wearable computing (Whatever is easiest) - Mind Control & interfacing. (Already done, to some degree) - Direct neural interfacing. (Stuff projected direct into cortex) - Total augmented reality experience. Code becomes reality. - AI: Paradigm change, how much thinking and control do you want? I think - thats where it is all going. The PC will never die, I think humanity will die before the PC. After which the P will be taken out of the equation and there simply is Computer. Thats when it dies - without the person the personal computer siezes to exist :-)
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I owned both the UX31E and the new UX31A. The E version was a good first generation product, however its keyboard annoyed me, the screen was not matte and the charging plug that went into the notebook was fragile. All this, and more, got fixed for the A version. I sold the old one to a friend at a significant discount. Most of my life, I have worked as an IT professional in system administration. For a laptop, I want something reliable, portable but also capable for personal use (e.g. Photoshop). This machine has a dazzling IPS display which outshines everything else on the market in the sub 15,4" class. Viewing angles, color reproduction and resolution is in a class of its own. The production quality is also top of its class. I considered waiting for Microsofts Surface, but I have been waiting often for products, that simply do not measure up. Basically, I have been following the mobile PC/MAC computing industry 3-4 times a week for 1 year before I decided - I keep my notebooks 5-6 years or until they break. In regards to touch, I do not feel, that for the workload I will be using a PC for, that touch is beneficial compared to a touchpad or mouse. I need high precision, lots of data on the screen and when working privately with photos the last thing I want is a dirty screen that I need to wipe all the time - especially if they are horrible glossy screens as we see on most mobile devices. Maybe I am all wrong, but not even Apple has, as far as I know, any plans of putting touch capability in their laptops - and they pioneered the successful sale of this most notably with the Ipad. I do not wish to offend anyone, but honestly, we professionals need a lot of detailed information on screen and cannot be handicapped by touch friendly kindergarten application designs. Stuff just keeps getting more and more features along with the complexity that goes along with it. I will be messing with moving virtual machines around in Vsphere, writing scripts, googling and keeping 20 webpages open, 12 remote desktops and lots more. While doing this, I like to lean back, relax and just control everything by moving my fingers 5 cm, or by using keyboard shortcuts. And, this is a fact. People have to work, and for those people who need their computers the most, they have to be able to do this kind of stuff. Touch is great for angrybirds or children, but for doing real work they are simply nothing more than a stretch. As I see it, it is a great feature and a must for phones and tablets, but touch is no more a must for a notebook than a keyboard is for a phone or tablet. In regards to portability the Zenbook is awesome. Just like the Macbook Air, it is easy to carry with you on air planes. Brought mine to China a few months back, I felt sorry for the guys lugging around old style Macbook Pros and PC Notebooks. Looks like they came straight out of the 90ies :-) Most sorry I felt for the PC guys, but in regards to ultra portable, this design surpasses Apples Macbook Air on screen resolution, screen type (IPS and Matte), OS (if you prefer Windows) while its design and build quality match it. The touch pad is not as good as Apples, but its close - at least, thats my conclusion after comparing it directly to my friends Macbook Pro. Keyboard is about the same as well, battery life depends on what you do, but I think the Air is a bit ahead there due to OSX (this might change with Windows 8). Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Asus - all putting out great models these days. Will this be the last PC I will ever own? No. I will always need a keyboard, good ergonomics, screen, touchpad etc. Maybe I will be running Windows RT in the future, Mac OS or some other fun Unix - but if I do, it will be an improvement over what I have today, and that does not make me sad - instead, it makes me happy and optimistic about the future :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2012 on The Last PC Laptop at Coding Horror
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