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Larz Larzen
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...and oh, that hideous, over-done grille !!
No matter how many baubles are added to a Camry, it still looks like a Camry. I wonder how they do it. It's a middle-aged Mom's car trying to look like something new and fresh, and failing miserably. It hasn't really changed, except in superficial make-up, in two decades.
Did Romney promise VP to Rubio if Rubio would be his FL attack dog? Sounds like it. I used to like Rubio, but with this BS, I'm going with Newt.
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It was Romney that started the dirty tricks. Newt started out with a positive campaign until t. Romney pretends he has no control of the PACs that write his ads. If he has no control over his own team, how can he run a country? GO NEWT !!
How's that Socialism working for you and the rest of the sheeple, Henrik? What's after the "Fat Tax"? Do you really like your government confiscating half your check for their own personal agenda? Are they smarter and more responsible with your money than you are? How long ago did the Danes give up their freedom? They used to be such an independent people. Now they are drones. The market will sort all of this out.
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Oct 8, 2011