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Until the issue of bogus it is that BK Judges are "handpicked" by the very Circuit's that are to rule upon them in the future - is addressed; then all this banter is vanity in the wind!
I will take the liberty to "hit away". Conflicts of Interests issues are still a crime in America (especially in a "legitimate" system of justice). However, one can readily argue that we are no longer in a "legitimate" realm of justice; but in that of money/power & might make right. It is totally absurd and incongruous to proffer the good faith/ethics of a system built upon a bogus foundation. You can NOT have Circuit judges handpicking other Judges to practice before the Circuit. It is inane and inherently disingenuous to have such a process! (Which is how we wound up in the 3rd Circuit with the U.S.T on the record {case 07-2360} stipulating that it hadn't and wouldn't address MNAT issues (with Senior Justice Walter K Stapleton hailing from MNAT) - as if the DOJ was upon bended knee to an ax wielding king say; "See, we have kept them hands off". It is also how (in a case involving MNAT - 07-2360) - that the Circuit Court opined "the Fed.R.App.Proc don't apply to bankruptcy cases involving MNAT That being a case where MNAT has confessed to lying under oath and keeping Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital (MNAT's secret clients) from being investigated and/or prosecuted for Racketeering. While an MNAT partner (Colm Connolly) was also made the Delaware U.S. Attorney over the 3rd Circuit controlled cases of In re eToys and In re Kay Bee. [IN]Justice in America - Ain't it Grand!
It is a sad state of affairs today. Whereas the integrity of the system of justice is always in question; because of inexplicable behavior that does not bode well for the good order of society. Bad faith behavior is now the norm; rather than the aberrant act/ exception.
Now if we could just get the OIG, Public Integrity Section, the (purported) NEW SEC (reportedly cleaning up its act - NOT), and the OPR, OGE and GAO to look at the "retroactive" issues of former Delaware U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly and how his resume at the Dept of Justice Office of Legal Policy archives clearly shows that Connolly was a partner of MNAT (Bain Capital/Romney's law firm) - from 1999 to August 2001 (the infamous "retroactive" era). . N'est-ce pas! .
We've been trying for 11 1/2 years to get an investigation/ prosecution of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital for the 2001 massive federal frauds (which the CEO has "retroactively" retired from). Their attorneys have confessed to lying under oath 34 times to a Chief Federal Justice and doing so "intentionally" (fraud on the court). The case is still open and involves public docket record evidence of Corruption of our systems of justice (the EVENT of August 2001 that was "retroactively" retired from).
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