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Gareth Latty
Leicester, UK
Programmer and Web Developer
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I am just finishing up my CompSci degree, and I think this is an unfortunate result of poor teaching of ICT in children. Here in the UK, until extremely recently, the ICT curriculum was completely focussed on using computers for other jobs, not using computers as a job. I get this - it makes sense, but there was literally no programming done, not even a lesson, all the way up to GCSE. There is a Computing A-level, but the teaching standards are all over the place, and plenty of colleges and sixth-forms don't offer such a course. This means that a large proportion of the people on my course had never programmed before starting their degree in CompSci. No wonder people realise it's not for them or slog along without enthusiasm, producing just passable code. Fortunately, in the UK the curriculum is changing and schools are going to begin teaching some amount of programming to children. I think this is great (it has other benefits too), but hopefully it lets people try programming and see if it's (not) for them.
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Apr 29, 2013