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Detroit, Michigan
Newspaper reporter turned trial lawyer and historical true crime devotee.
Interests: history, journalism, true crime
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Does anyone have some books to recommend for those of us who've had the pleasure to discover the writings of Miriam Allen deFord? Her Amazon search results show that she wrote all over the literary map, and few books are... Continue reading
"There has been a handful of gorgeous, sun soaked spring days recently. What better time to go off on a true and fictional crime jag and wallow in depravity and cynicism?" --Journalist James Varney, New Orleans Times-Picayune Welcome to the... Continue reading
( Note: CLEWS is pleased to dust the curtains 'round here and present the latest true crime title from our reigning master of true crime, Harold Schechter, who returns us to the trove of shocking murder stories from New York... Continue reading
Randy Dotinga of the Christian Science Monitor considered his most very favorite historical true crime titles ever and came up with this list of the top five: 1. The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson 2. For the... Continue reading
Gold Medal Killer (Marquette Books) by Diana Britt Franklin is a recommended story, a fast and fascinating case study. The murderer at issue is Ohio State University Professor James Snook. He distinguishes himself in the pantheon of mistress-killers by boasting... Continue reading
We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities. --Emerson I once felt bad about the size of... Continue reading
Last week this website celebrated a milestone with 1,000,000 hits. Some of the searches that rolled the odometer are perennial favorites -- Caril Fugate Martha Beck Lizzie Borden Alice de Janze The Lawson Family Tragedy Deadwood history Continue reading
"Murder may be the number one social taboo, but boy is it spellbinding." --Mark Schatzker, Toronto Globe and Mail * * * The Arthur Ellis Award gives a nod to the best Canadian true crime book of the year. And... Continue reading
Murder victim's brother wants book pulled from shelves SEATTLE -- Local true-crime writer Ann Rule is being haunted by an old murder case that she wrote about.... * * * A man incarcerated for 29 years for rape, now exonerated... Continue reading
The favorite submissions of true crime writers and readers.... TIME Magazine on Phil Spector: Phil Spector and the New Film About His Lovin' Feelin' Ask lovers of true-crime sensation who Phil Spector is, and they'll say he's the dotty old... Continue reading
We say laugh in the face of evil. Or that could be the motto of true crime writers who can't resist cracking up, even though. So I received a note from a true crime author and lecturer with an interesting... Continue reading
CLEWS featured a bit of the story of an extraordinary female attorney in New York by the name of Grace Humiston in How the Feminine Sherlock Holmes Solved the Disappearance of Ruth Cruger. Now I am advised that a new... Continue reading
Neglect your blog for a few weeks and people think you're dead. Sheesh. * * * New on the shelf: Satan's Playground * * * Oregonian Reporter Fired After Diane Downs Story Appears in Glamour * * * Philip Carlo's... Continue reading
One of my very favorite authors, honored true crime historian, essayist, collector, philosopher, and retired trial lawyer Albert Borowitz, has penned a book that explores the intersection of music and murder. It is of course from Kent State University Press.... Continue reading
A recent article in the Minnesota Monthly brushed the dust off the story of a little-known serial killer who is believed by the author, Jack El-Hai, to be the earliest identifiable American serial killer. For an excerpt, check out The... Continue reading
DNA clears Cleveland man imprisoned since 1981 Photos; Not Bitter ; From student paper ; From the Times Online * * * Cullen's Columbine takes the top prize Edgar winners 2010 *** Ann Rule`s "Small Sacrifices" and the Golden Age... Continue reading
Dr. Zeo Zoe Wilkins made headlines in the Emporia Gazette. Sordid True Crime Story Connected to Jesse James Continue reading
So I received a fascinating note from author James D. Livingston (who, when not professoring at MIT, writes true crime stories and soon-to-be published Arsenic and Clam Chowder: Murder in Gilded A ge New York, which comes out in July)... Continue reading
I am catching up on hundreds of emails that stacked up as I adjusted to my new life as house counsel for a certain company. This Inbox offers a huge collection of fascinating links in the theme, including many suggested... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
The gangland slaying of Michigan Senator Warren G. Hooper was such shocking news in 1945 that it swept war headlines from the front pages of newspapers across the Midwest. Decades later, his brutal death is still something of a mystery.... Continue reading
So while novelist David Peace reminds the fictionists that they really can't make this stuff up, Author Aphrodite Jones is getting her own TV show, though I swear I read a similar notice long ago, The Daily Beast will become... Continue reading
Why do women read true crime? Well, men read it too, but mostly it's women who go for it. This is true of virtually everything, but a new study (available online for free for a limited time) sets about proving... Continue reading
New Mexico Mystery A new book by author Corey Recko has gotten much buzz. Murder on the White Sands: The Disappearance of Albert and Henry Fountain [Amazon; B&N] (University of North Texas Press) has been hailed as an award-winning, impeccably... Continue reading
Five books made the cut to become official nominees for the coveted Edgar award. In the true crime category, they are: Columbine by Dave Cullen Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde by Jeff Guinn The... Continue reading