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Laura Billings
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Totally agree with the assets / strengths based approach. Much more productive, and more fun to focus on the exciting possibilities and mowing the lawn is easier when you're all re-energised again. Best of luck with the first one - can't wait for the Slow Food one in January!
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Yay! I *love* Labour and Wait! It's just up the road from me. And I have infact bought that paintbrush set and holder as a Christmas present for someone before. Along with some really cute reindeer firestarters.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2009 on Traditional Gifts at Thriving too
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tickled me how mismatched some people seemed to the contents of their fridges :)
Toggle Commented May 26, 2009 on You are what you eat at Thriving too
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Wow. Fantastic post. Such lovely people! And a great use of social media to make a real world difference. Warm fuzzy feelings :)
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spam. feels like marketing companies trying to slip in under the radar and buy credibility. it's not public art if it's trying to sell you something.
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