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I grew up with a very devout grandmother who watched far too much PTL/Trinity/WhateverItIsNow. While I never saw the tracts, she believed what they were selling, and hated the fact that I loved shows like Highlander, Forever Knight, and X-Files. She was also wasn't amused that I hung out with the comic book geeks, goths, and other gamers. On the other hand, I was active in my youth group at church, enrolled in the gifted program, and overall just a decent kid. I still played D&D and Vampire. But I knew the difference between real life and fiction -- and, apparently, learned from a young age to think for myself. And ya know what? Still have my faith; still playing D&D. I've also added Star Wars and a couple of free-form Trek games to the repertoire, too. I valued my grandmother's concern for me, but it was all a matter of trust -- whether or not my parents trusted me to know the difference between reality and fiction. Thankfully, my mother did.
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Nov 3, 2011