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Laura Billingsley
Food, Photography, Short Films, Traveling, Momhood, Movies, Laughing!!!
Interests: I'm from Seattle,WA. I moved to Pueblo, CO for a new beginning, and I hate it... I am a Freelance Photographer, I love making short films(been doing it since childhood), I love to laugh my ass off as much as possible... I've been told I speak and act like a man, so I think maybe I must have been one in a past life, haha. I have a 3 yr old daughter, she's just as much of a daredevil as I was when I was her age, and so forth... As long as she doesn't start jumping off the roof, onto the lawn(when she's 9/10), I'll be okay with it. I love to cook. Food is my best friend! I've said too much. Peace!
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I'm still having a hard time accepting that he's gone.... Fuck. That was a great song, too.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2011 on roger alan wade playing hootenanny at dickhouse
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Jul 1, 2011