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Laura Bondi
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The device and software is amazing, and the idea behind is really commendable. Of course the comment of Foneco Zuzu is false and out-themed for the current post. SLV2 has the same GUI visibility than SLv1 and a better, modern interface. Contrast is better, the dark color sends less light to eyes and therefore is more relaxing, infact all the modern softwares for photo pro and graphic pro are in grey (see in example Zoner software or Nikon software) and i know well since i work in photo agency. This is the again just the old discussion about fans of the old-style viewer that as usual are stuck in the past, unable to accept any new things. But of course those people has nothing to do with the great creative minds behind this device for disabled. Moreover SLv2 allow disabled people to do things without to fill the screen with useless floaters very hard to manage for who is unable to use the hands. Sidebar is very fast to use and in few click allow people to access to all the features of the viewer without to fill the screen with floaters. The new "Easy" mode allows newbies to explore the world without to face the complexity of the advanced interface. And for who wants to have a touch of colors in the GUI, please give a look to the great Kirstensviewer with his glassy green skin or install the multicoloured Starlight skins (in nostalgia blue, orange, pink, white, green, teal and so on) Lot of choices as you can see, and really no reason to stay in limited v1 viewers. Of course those skins are less homogeneous than LL default skins because not all the floaters or the buttons are perfectly coloured. But with the time the developer will fix those issues. Please then, stop bothering with this old discussion about the v1 viewer. That is past, LL made a great new viewer and it is without any doubts better than the previous. Old minded people should just open their mind or go back to watch their b/w TV laying in their old, dusty sofas, instead to invent daily new excuses to denigrate the work that lot of developers are doing to give us a better SL. Going back to the main discussion of this post, the device is really a great idea. Finally a good way for give a chance to disabled people to live in a totally new amazing world and to do there what life has denied to them in RL. Second Life, a second chance for everyone!
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Aug 12, 2011