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The whole Team USA issue is silly. It's a bunch of meaningless games that would put our most important player at risk for injury. After an outstanding season,Rondo should enjoy his new star status and come in rested and healthy for training camp. And I could not agree more about his having to grow up in the spotlight. He was given the task of running a team of established players. That's a tough job for anyone,especially one so young. He's learning and growing. Now he's established himself as a respected player. It's onward and upward for Rondo.
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Personally I'd rather he NOT play. Why risk injury? He's the most important player on the team. You cannot replace what he does on that court,should he sustain an injury. He played hard and logged many minutes during the season(he plays the entire game many nights). Enjoy the off season,his newfound star status has got to be pretty exciting. Come back strong for the start of the season. Celtic fans will be looking to him to lead the team.
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Sweeping really isn't that big of a deal. If it happens-great. I think fans apprecate a hard fought series-like last year against the Bulls. Great competition is better than watching a team just lay down and die. I could not agree more about Doc's comments on Rondo. He just gets better with each game. It's so much fun watching him on the court. He's quick,smart,and takes risks. He's really been showing hustle of late too. One thing that isn't always mentioned is his toughness. He plays pretty much the entire game. Argue with me if you want,but I think he's the most important guy on the team.
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I'm glad Rondo gave a straight answer! "I don't know" has become a standard response from Doc this year. I've started to wonder what exactly he DOES know. Do you really want a man who knows nothing running a team? Couldn't the team just run it's self? Seriously though,I'm glad to see the Ticket Stub will be in there. Baby stepped up last year when the team needed it,looks like he's ready to answer the call again this year.
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Apr 20, 2010