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p.s. Am I not way nastier than any of your other readers?.. Holy cripe I didn't realize my borg-queen avatar was going to show up when I posted a comment!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2010 on Changes are afoot at finslippy
You want to know something funny... I typically visit your site to catch up with your writing (of course), but also to use your blog roll as a launch for other sites that are fun to read - an effortless favorites list if you will. I've enjoyed your taste in writers! I guess I'll have to do the extra work and keep track of blogs I enjoy on my own.
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Yes! David Lynch.. Love his work - LOVE my daily espresso! My favorite - Twin Peaks (even though it was TV). If restricted to film, I am a sucker for the nonsense he made out of Dune (wonderful book, stinky adaptation; I found it entertaining). ...Or Eraserhead! (pure Lynch - fascinating to be sucked into his mind, not too comfortable to hang out there).
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IMO, The simplest way to change up your room is to decide on a color scheme that would work with what you have, then add accents. Looking at your pictures, I think a powdery-slatey blue and rich brown would look nice. I would paint the walls blue, maybe change the drapes to a pattern that ties together the blue and brown, then add accents. -or-find an accent piece with a color scheme you love and build the room around it. Below are Crate and Barrel examples of turquoise & brown pillow, and a luscious red and brown pillow. The red and brown would match the lamp, though I still think you could tie the lamp in with the turquoise somehow. Have fun!
So profoundly true! This is exACTly what my life is like!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on We are having a rough time. at finslippy
Hilarious!!! I've fantasized about similar things but have never told anyone. I always thought that I would regret those fantasies if a sickness or accident ever really happened. It strikes me that a number of women here have been sick/in the hospital and loved it!
Oh - I think someone photoshopped the chair too!
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I'm sorry Bones... The prime directive requires that I endure this creature's attempt at contact with... out.... flinching......
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