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Lots of what-ifs and second guessing about his career, but he was pretty integral to that 2002 WC team, which will probably always be my favorite team, in any sport.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Mathis announces his retirement at Soccer By Ives
Yeah, I don't really see how my post had much to do with the approach this blog takes; I was just mentioning Ives' take on the Williams hype. Ives--and I'd say that's not terribly high, though given what sounds like a bad contractual situation we may not be hearing much of him anytime soon regardless.
Man, if only there were some way I could take that back...
Ok let me edit myself before getting in trouble...went from being not great to the prohibitive favorite.
Well done, though I can't claim it was intentional.
This was my response. Hell, I think Ferreria should be a serious MVP contender, not an All-Star reserve. It's always tough to get to 11, though.
Hopefully I don't double post right now, but I am sure old Lamps will move a lot of tickets in NYC, classy fellow that he is.
There's probably a correlation to them coming back and not being as good as imagined previously. That said, given Pearce's age and position I would bet large sums of money he'll be capped again.
I think josip's opinon is the positive side of the consensus among FC Dallas fans. The other, less charitable fans generally say he will be good eventually, but let him develop somewhere other than our starting 11. He is huge, a terrific athlete, good with the ball, and (#1) really busts his butt. That, to me, means he will end up very good. However, Schellas can't figure out where to play him--I don't say this as a critique of either of them, that's just what's happening right now. He's had some terrific plays this season and a sensational goal last week. I think he will end up in Europe fairly soon, but I'm not sure if he can really lay hold to a spot in the Nats picture any time soon. My guess would be sooner than later he finds his proper role and does it well.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on MLS Thursday Night Preview at Soccer By Ives
In great internet tradition, I don't know anything about the CAS, so let me libel it as well as UEFA: I would not be surpised if the long suspension had little to do with the play on the field.
lol, not yet. I'd have to be riled up for that. We have summers getting here soon, and then my petty legal research will know no bounds.
If he's just here to grow his brand and not get accosted at the mall, then he might be in for a rude awakening when Danny Califf puts him in a figure-four. If he's motivated though, watch out, obviously.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2010 on Henry set to sign with Red Bulls at Soccer By Ives
You are probably right that this all checks out. But there is one indication that he's not being paid: that's exactly what Ives said in the write-up :) Commission and performace pay schemes are both "pay". I am fairly confident that commission+wages has to equal the hourly minimum wage, though that's not relevant here, obviously. I assume it's different for independent contractors. This is all academic since, like you said, we have no idea what the contract actually says. I now have to get back to work as an Italian employment law attorney.
Yeah consideration is obviously not a problem (who knows if that's even a concept in Italia, right?), but my thinking is this would most likely not be legal in the US under labor laws--there's basically no exception to the requirement that non-management employees be paid--and my uninformed impression is that we have far more liberal labor and employment laws than the EU and Italy. You may certainly be right, that the pay from the first 2 years covers the third year or that per diem etc. is sufficient. And of course, I have no idea what I'm talking about here. Regardless, this is AC MILAN and we know the other name on that contract... [Edited for stupidity.]
Very odd. I don't know anything about EU labor law, but I have serious doubts about the contract even being legal if it's really no pay at all for one year. But hey, that's calcio, baby.
And I am pretty sure there are some people in Spain who might rate him, because he was pretty damn good in that game. I don't know anything about Watford's situation this year besides they sucked and he was hurt all year, but he has always been terrific for the US. Frankly, in real games I don't see much of a quality difference between him and Gooch, and we know where Gooch ended up on a free transfer last year. Yes he's older than Gooch, but like zacalie said here we don't expect Chelsea to sign him; people can't act like he couldn't be attractive as a free transfer, permitted, int'l to a mid-level team in Spain or Italy.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on What's next for Jay DeMerit? at Soccer By Ives
Mex-Ang 9:30 PM on Telemundo. re: Can, Yeah, they have the talent to be a lock for the hex. I think the problem is widely attributed to the FA being disorganized, pretty similar to their basketball program, but I'm sure there are actual Canadians who are sick of answering this and could answer it again :).
FCD could go in any direction. Based on recent results and points I would move them up considerably, but I am biased. We have been in every game this season, only 5 teams have more points, and only 2 teams have fewer losses. But those 10 points are also good for a tie for 2nd-to-last in the West, we simply cannot score, and I think we are overly dependent on two players (Dav-eed and Pearce). For FCD, like the rest of the league, the summer transfer window is going to be decisive in determining how the season turns out. Outgoing talent will upset a lot of teams, and there could be a big influx of DPs. This is a new world of summer transfers with the WC and the new DP rule. My best bet, given FCD/HSG's track record: Pearce leaves, and we don't sign a DP or sign a trainwreck. That combination leaves us on the outside looking in, again.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on SBI MLS Power Rankings (Week 7) at Soccer By Ives
Hindsight...etc etc, but really, what a bad turn of events for him. If he had continued scoring in MLS he would have been called into camp. It will be interesting to see where Cooper turns up in the Fall. Good luck to him.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
LOL, I'm no fan, but he's playing well for Chivas right now. But I am at the point in my life where having you type "MAJOR FAIL!" lets me laugh, so thanks. I try to be an exception to the Penny Arcade internet theory, so let me ask civilly: you don't like Adu either, so who would you have brought instead of Sacha? I just think it's an odd thing to get upset about because it's completely inconsequential.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
I think that's pretty accurate and I like it, though I would prefer Dolo. I assume Holden and Spector--maybe Edu--are the only 2 that aren't locks at their spots at this point, assuming a 4-4-2 and nothing crazy.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
I want to see him working the mic for ESPN at some point this summer.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
Someone makes a self-righteous post in every CD article pointing out that he shouldn't have done what he did, and yours isn't the first one in this thread. And Pat Sajak will stab you if you mess that up again.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
Thank you. Bradley's only decision in this WC is who to play at fullback and RM. The rest of the roster decisions made themselves. It's not Bradley's fault CD got hurt, and in return it's not his fault that Beasley didn't play and that Holden got hurt. I don't know what these people are crying about, but I assume it involves trying to say that out of form and favor Adu is preferable to out of form and favor Beasley or very much in form Sacha. As if deciding your 25th roster spot is a science or even remotely relevant to how we do in June (and July!).
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on What's next for Charlie Davies? at Soccer By Ives
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