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I prefer trackpoint! (I *hated* it immediately after powering on my first thinkpad - but it *really* grew on me!) Keyboard and mouse can be a better solution for certain mouse-sensitive applications like working in 3D/Graphics/Visualization apps, where very little typing is required, but nothing beats trackpoint when touch-typing! The touchpad seems more like a torture device than an input device to me - I agree with just about every complaint written above about trying to use them for pointing, scrolling, clicking, dragging and dropping - and about accidental inputs from the wrists. Swipe/gestures and multi-touch *are* very neat - but not neat enough to compensate for how terrible the touchpad is at pointing, and they still require your fingers to come off the home keys. I would love to buy a macbook, if only I could have it with a TrackPoint! But I don't expect that to happen anytime soon :-/ P.S. I don't use trackpoint single-finger clicking, I do use trackpoint scrolling (via middle-mouse), and my pointer sensitivity is at maximum, with pointer acceleration enabled. I also use the "Soft Dome" cap.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2010 on Touchpad vs. Trackpoint at Coding Horror
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Jul 19, 2010