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canefan21 you are still doing what Manny was talking about. Why do you feel the need to bash Kyle just to praise Kirby. Why not just congratulate both for helping us get a win.
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2007 on A remedy for non-believers at Eye on the U
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although I am little tipsy at the moment, I have to say It looked to me like KW was getting the ball off in rhythm. Sometimes he was throwing it too early.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2007 on Game day blog: UM 23, FIU 9 (F) at Eye on the U
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While I truly believe that Kyle is the better QB, you can't pull the person who you say won the competition without injury or unless he plays so badly that he gives you no choice. If you keep going back and forth you will eventually lose the team. You have to pick and stick.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2007 on Should Kyle start vs. OU? at Eye on the U
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Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2007 on Dear UM at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Este, while I mostly agree with what you said. I believe your point would have come across better had you used something like restless leg syndrome. ADHD is a diagnosable condition in adults and children. It shouldn't be prescribed as often as it is, but it does help in many cases.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2007 on Lost Ones at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
O, I'm a long time reader but I have never posted anything on here before. These people are so negative it is rediculous. I love the Canes as much as anyone on here and I am just as frustrated by the way the last few years have gone but there is no need to fly banners looking to get the coach fired. All those things will be taken care of in time. Now I have a few keys to help the U keep winning. In know paticular order. 1. Kyle Wright needs to trust himself. Some of his throws just flutter out there like he is not sure if thats where he wanted to go with it. then other times he throws a strike like on that 3rd and 24. 2. Continue to get the ball to Baby J. He is aa monster. 3. Greg Olson needs to stop dropping the ball. KW's second interception was his fault. While the pass was a little high he should have caught it. He has had way to many drops on 3rd down. 4.Rich Olson needs to throw that QB draw out of the playbook or at least not call it when there is a 2nd and 20. 5. Get the ball to the recievers so that they can make runs after the catch. Drag routes and posts would be great. 6. Continue whatever is going on with the protection packages. This line and the backs are really starting to jell with regard to pass protection. 7. Stop all the silly mistakes. Its like after one thing goes worng its hard for the team to let it go. The INT. last night and the Charlie Jones fumblein the Louiville game are prime examples