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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's just an illusion of life.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy, including MMORPGs. My newest adventure has taken my love of crafting out of game and into my real life! Visit my handcrafted jewelry shop on Etsy: The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
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It’s only a couple of days away from my real life holiday vacation. YEA!!! I’ll be M.I.A. the last two weeks of the year. Here’s wishing all of you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Story thus Far So far I’m happy with Warlords of Draenor. It’s Blizzard doing what they do best. It’s also the first release where I’ve been able to see the phasing technology in action. I haven’t quested much since BC. When I have to quest, I appreciate how the experience is being personalized with my character at the center of the action. Continue reading
As of last night, I’ve now completed the first two instances in Warlords of Draenor a few times each. There were good as expected. We all know that Blizzard creates high caliber 5-man content. Not having done PUG 5-mans since Burning Crusade, it took me a while to warm up to the idea. WOW players don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to being open and friendly to new players in dungeons. After all, “link me your achievements and ilevel” was born here. Continue reading
Congrats Adam! I know how big of a deal is in AA. I have this love/hate relationship with AA. I love the features and the promise of what it could be. But I hate how the poor quality of the code from XL and how Trion keeps tripping over their own feet managing it. I still log in regularly to take care of my farms to continue making money. But at the end of the day, I don't have a lot of faith in the longevity unless XL and Trion get their act together. With that being the case there's little use in grinding to make my gear, grinding to get weapons or accumulating massive amounts of gold. When you take that progression away, the game narrows considerably as those progressions are what MMOs are mostly about. I haven't given up completely but I do continue to simplify the time required as it costs me nothing to continue in some manner and I can easily afford APEX and tax certificates. However, even the big mouth zerg guilds are whittling down and fading away. As long as you're having fun that's all that matters. EQ2 has hung around for a LONG TIME with a small player base. It remained a game that I resubscribed to for at least a couple of months every year. AA would be that for me except I'm so annoyed at XL/Trion that for now, they haven't shown the kind of MMO savvy I'd reward with real life cash. That could change :-)
The more time I spend in WOW, the less time I want expend doing my “hanging in there” chores in ArcheAge. This morning I decided to take a chance on destroying one of my 16x16 houses in Lilyut, in favor of placing down my alt’s 16x16 farm. Doing so would let me increase the square footage of farming space and passive profit while simultaneously decreasing the maintenance required. Continue reading
It's a lot to figure out if you're a returning player. At level 2, you do have to decided between 2 profession buildings or the Storage House. My priest and warlock are both tailor/enchanter as they used to be on different accounts. I was going to have the priest tailor and the warlock do enchanting allowing each to have the store. Unfortunately, I realized yesterday that Hexweave is BOP!!!! so can't be traded and creating it on a 24 hour timer. Therefore it's more beneficial to have both characters making hexweave for the own use. And since you can only wear 3 pieces of hexweave I can have each concentrate on only level/obtaining certain recipes and craft each other's items. So that was a wrinkle I didn't realize until I was into things already. It's not made obvious.
I now have 3 of my 5 characters beyond level 90 and in their garrisons. My next goal is to have all of their garrisons with their profession buildings unlocked, Store house and barn. The store house is to ease the burden of sharing resources across the characters and the barn is to support the tailor. The other two character’s harvesting needs are supported without me having to place a specific building myself, as they need mining and herbs plots that come free as you level the garrison. Getting the free resources supplied by the garrison to the appropriate character, is one of the main reasons I’ve prioritized the Store before other beneficial buildings. Shuffling via game mail is already getting old. Continue reading
After listening to an episode of The Instance, I decided to bring 2 more of my characters along for the Garrison ride. Turpster discussed how he was casually leveling other characters he might play at some point later via garrison mission quests. It also afforded him the opportunity to take advantage of garrison buildings that were different than the ones he’d constructed in his main character’s garrison. Hmm, sounds like a good plan to me. Continue reading
The past few days have been interesting as I contrast and compare playing ArcheAge and World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. When I’m in AA I marvel at how gorgeous the world is and that even at my new casual pace, I feel part of a breathing world and economy. In WOW, I’m impressed by the graphic update and how they’ve been able to breathe new life into old art assets and add more visual depth. I’m logging into both of these games for different reasons and find them equally fulfilling. Continue reading
That sounds exciting. Hmm, the plot thickens! So far I'm enjoying myself. I might push another character to 90 just to have a second garrison. In that one I'd just focus on the buildings and perks to support crafting professions. I have 2 characters within striking distance of 90. I might knock that out this weekend.
Yep, I’ve joined the 9,999,999 gamers playing the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Once I decided to unsubscribe from ArcheAge, I handed my money to Blizzard. I need to have a reliable MMO for the winter. I’ve not given up on AA. I’m holding out hope that Trion and XL Games can turn the ship around. However, I felt the need to voice my displeasure by withdrawing monetary support. Sub Off I’ve neatly downsized my operations in AA. My large farm plot is being used exclusively to craft and house Aged Cheese. I can’t fit 7 Aged Cheese larders down at a time, 2 cows for the milk required and 2 sheep to continue supporting my tailoring profession. Larders take 3 days to mature and do not require any attention in between. On my small farm I have another 2 cows and 2 lemon trees which also... Continue reading
I don’t know what to say about MMO players these days. I’m all for PVP and pirating. I don’t consider ganking people in PVP zones “bad”. Sure, it’s lame and annoying to have players many times your level attack you while you’re questing but it’s par for the course. The same goes for pirating. It’s a fundamental mechanic of AA and an extension of PVP. I don’t like having my items stolen from me any more than the next person but I recognize it has a valid play style. And in those circumstance, even when outnumbered, you at least have the opportunity to defend yourself and your property. Continue reading
I woke up this morning to all of the ArcheAge servers available and online. I hopped on to Kyrios and checked my farms. All of my livestock were hungry but nothing was amiss. I had to quickly gather from expiring larders which filled up my large farm. I already had trade packs of Aged Cheese hanging out there waiting to be transported to Two Crowns. There wasn’t enough room to construct new ones so I’ll have to do trade runs this evening regardless of the turn-in percentage. Other than that is was business as usual, punctuated by occasional shouts of joy in faction chat that Kyrios was still alive. Related articles ArcheAge Alpha - Lots of RIPs ArcheAge Weekend Shenanigans - Saturday Nite PVP Event Continue reading
Ah that was clearly before my time in EQ1. I was in AC1 before testing the waters in Evercrack. :-) It's easy to have queues when all servers are offline except 3 of them. Other than that none of the server even reach high anymore, let alone queue time. I WANT TO PLAY TOO. I think that's what is fueling so much anger. We want this game but can't accept the current level of service or quality. *sigh*
It ended with a sudden and resounding finality. Praetorian, the dominant PVP naval guild in alpha and on Kyrios US, is no more. The membership was stunned and confused. I was out of town on business when the first announcement was made. There’s the public story of why this occurred and then there’s the behind the scenes and 2+2=4 story. Continue reading
A series of very unfortunate events have caused a slow decline in the ArcheAge population. A certain amount of attrition is to be expected in any MMO. However, if what people say and post on forums and Reddit are to be believed, many are fed up with the constant stream of hacks and exploits coming to light in the NA release. Apparently, none of this is new news for AA that has been out in Korea for almost 3 years and in Russia for 2 years. If that’s the case, then I have to wonder at the due diligence on Trion’s part in signing on as the NA publisher with this many holes in the code base. Continue reading
When I named my farm wagon Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I never dreamed it would fly. Houston, we have a problem! Seriously WTF is going on?? It may be time for me to disembark. I was more worried about the wagon falling over into the steam below in some awkard position. Although using Rider's Escape on bridges is sometimes dodgy, I didn't have much choice. Luckly, it summoned it on the other end, only partially embedded in the hillside. :-/ Continue reading
In the aftermath of disappointment in the release of the NA Auroria content, our guild chatter slowed down considerably. Guild members logging into ArcheAge was light for a couple of days. For myself, I decided to restructure my existing properties as though they would be my only pieces of land for the long term. This meant dropping tertiary produce and livestock to focus on priority production elements. Less profitable and/or items whose pricing was very volatile were removed from the line-up. I also added a new product that would help move another set of Trade Packs (TP) into the consistently 130% pay out range. Continue reading
I’ve been chronicling my MMORPG gaming adventures for over 15 years. It’s been over 9 years on this particular blog. Today I decided I wanted to change the theme to something lighter and a bit more serene. At least it is to me. *Smile* The image is a close up from a group of pictures I'd taken of my garden last year. I love roses and have a variety of different types and colors around my deck. *Sigh* This will remind me of summer as the winter months roll in. Continue reading
Absolutely, can only come from breeding them individually, will not happen in pens.
So much promise is being squandered. I'm not sure what it will take for Trion and XL get it together. Guild attendance is down since the Auroria debacle and TeamSpeak has been empty during my playing times as well. An article on Massively sums things up nicely and with more effort than I wanted to put into describing the current concerns and issues. I'm still playing but a bit more hesitantly and changing up my focus just in case things go into a decline. Continue reading
Yeah, was something like that. The better plan was NOT to assist in getting a tower but to wait in the housing areas in stealth, with your house pre-placed so that you could spam left click the minute the tower went up.
The last big release of claimable land for some time to come was a disaster. The update introduced an issue where many players were denied access to the game. From our guild only 3 of us were able to log in to participate. Only 4 made it into the game before I logged off for the evening. Continue reading
In the Beginning A few posts ago I discussed the results of my efforts to craft my cloth Illustrious set. After about 500 gold, I was in a mixed group of pieces that because of the RNG side of crafting at this level, didn’t technically amount to a “set”. No set means, no set bonuses, losing the Arcane bonus from my previous set and having 4 out of 7 pieces be dead-end, not upgradeable to level 50 (Magnificent). That’s a bitter pill to swallow after pouring so much time and effort into acquiring the gold and leveling my tailoring Continue reading
Today's 6 hour downtime brings in new content, more normalization and a few fixes. You can read the official formum post here. The drama has already started. Let the whining and flame wars begin. I'm preparing for the real war. I'll be back in my healer build today, helping my guild do the very little we can do. Continue reading