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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's all an illusion.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm a Senior Product Manager in the high tech section. For as long as I can remember, I've been an avid fan of all things fantasy and scifi, especially MMORPGs. My children, having been raised by a gamer, have grown up to be gamers. And we've had such amazing memories over the years with family and friends in virtual worlds. We've corrupted nieces, nephews and cousins with our gaming fever and have had a blast. The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
Recent Activity
Over the weekend, CIG opened up release 2.4 to general testing on the Private Test Universe (PTU). First wave in were 5K of the most frequent participants in bug reporting and/or active in playing. The next wave in, likely to help with stress testing, were subscribers - players who contribute a monthly subscription to support community content creation, such as all the weekly shows produced. I used to make it into PTU wave 1 but it's been many months since I played regularly, preferring to focus on creating content for followers and avoid burn out. Continue reading
Back with another episode of Casual Citizen. Looking at one of the smaller career ships, Drake Herald. We had expected to see it in the hangar a few months ago but priorities shifted and it was put on the back burner for a bit. A recent ATV episode revealed that it's back in the active pipeline. YES!! Continue reading
That sounds cool. I've never tried assembling a PC but I might on my next one. Or at the very least, buy the parts and take it to the local PC guys I use to fix things. No hurry to play. It's just testing / messing around. I write and read more about SC than I actually play which has be fun. I want to ensure I'm not burned out on it before it even launches. Good luck with the PC build!
Hey thanks for letting me know about iTunes. Thats still rather blackbox mystery to me about managing it other than pushing content that way, which also felt like mystery soup figuring it out. :-) Birds of a feather, will certainly have fun together. LOL Im so excited for this game. Even though Im thrilled by trying to run a player hospital with the Endeavor and play The Sims Airlines using the Starliner, the BMM is my super special baby and mirrors the kind of lifestyle Id choose for myself, if living in deep space was a reality. :-) To:
I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted more than releasing Casual Citizen. I’m no less excited for the game to release than I was when writing more. I still enjoy Black Desert Online too. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to play these days, let alone blog about the little I might get to do. Continue reading
This week we explore the most popular series of cargo hauling ships in the UEE, the MISC Hull series. I hope you enjoy. Audio only version on SoundCloud Casual Citizen on iTunes Show transcript is after the break Welcome to another episode of Casual Citizen. An on-going series about the upcoming first person MMO Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m your host Alysianah from the Mystic Worlds Gaming Blog. This week’s episode takes us back to a favorite topic among Star Citizen backers and followers - ships. Specifically, a series designed for cargo hauling, the MISC Hull series. In a future episode, I’d like to discuss cargo hauling and transportation in general and explore some of the more notable aspects mentioned in the various Galactic Guides and Lore. But today we’ll stick to the ship specific conversation, which is what people seem to enjoy. For all you Hull owners... Continue reading
Thank you for subscribing. Its the audio version of my YouTube vidcast. I put the audio on iTunes and SoundCloud so people can choose whichever medium suits them best. :-) I follow Redacted too and am subbed to two of the members Twitch streams. Good bunch. To:
This week’s episode returns to Star Citizen lore. I know people enjoy shows about ships, which is understandable. But I don’t always have enough time to compile the content necessary to do a those the way I prefer. I’m working on doing the Hull Series for next week. For this week, I hope you enjoy this narrated look at our fictional universe timeline. Audio-only version on SoundCloud Timeline as embedded in the Official Star Citizen Writer’s Guide 2B Continue reading
I haven't abandoned Black Desert Online but I haven't had time to play - anything. I didn't even have time to record fresh footage for the most recent Casual Citizen (Nyx). Luckily, I had some decent unused footage from a few weeks ago. Producing Casual Citizen + class and classwork, is consuming the vast majority of my free time. We're at the point of needing to create weekly samples and I keep trying to find creative ways to doing things I actually want to use in the future. I don't like the idea of creating throw-away content that takes a couple of evenings to produce. :-( The Masters has arrived in Augusta, GA. I'm hiding out from the madness. My subdivision exits on one of the two main thoroughfares to the course parking. UGH!!! Freaking disaster every year. They opened it up to 4 lanes last year so why are... Continue reading
The Starfarer became hangar ready in alpha release 2.3 which came a few days after my original show. The narration is the same but I've updated the episode with video from CIG and footage of me walking around my Starfarer in my hangar. Original show notes and text can be found here. Continue reading
This week's episode discusses the Nyx star system its history and relevance to the persistent universe alpha. An audio only version is available on SoundCloud Full series is on iTunes Show Notes: Nyx Galactic Guide Nyx on ARK Starmap Nyx Landing Zone Preview Pupil to Planet Demo Continue reading
Hi Tinner! It was my pleasure. I havent been on Twitch much recently. Im working on a weekly podcast and taking two webinars in the evening. Hope things are well with you. To:
Back with another installment of Casual Citizen. This week we're checking out more fiction from It's another story from the Discovered series, the Journal of Harper Nguyen. Audio only version is available on SoundCloud Casual Citizen is also available on iTunes If you found this content valuable please consider using my referral code when signing up for Star Citizen. Using a referral code will earn you 5K UEC credits to spend and I'll earn in-game goodies. Referral Code: STAR-QSVR-JFTR Continue reading
I should have known with a name like Blood Monastery there’d be heaps of trouble thereabouts. When the image of WOW’s Scarlet Monastery popped into my head, that should have been the first clue. But it wasn’t. I was doing inventory management while the game auto navigated me to the NPC I needed to meet at the location. A friendly quest NPC that doubled as the Node Manager. I did not suspect she was on a hill deep inside enemy territory. Continue reading
Playing Black Desert Online casually is still working for me. I have too many balls in the air for much more. In the past, I've tried returning to World of Warcraft casually when I'm in between games but it never lasts more than a couple of months - tops. I'm hoping this will be different. Until Star Citizen has considerably more game mechanics available, there isn't enough to do on a regular basis without risking burn out. Right now, I'm having a lot of fun playing the content creation game. I'm learning about planned mechanics, the various ships and more importantly, lots of lore from doing my Casual Citizen series. Continue reading
This week's episode of Casual Citizen discusses the MISC Starfarer, a refueling and fuel transport ship, in the upcoming first person MMO Star Citizen. Many players are hoping we'll be seeing the Starfarer become hangar ready in the next several weeks. I hope you enjoy. The full show transcript is after the break. Continue reading
I haven't had much gaming time this past week so very little was spent in Black Desert Online. When I did have time to play, I appreciated how easy it was to find something to do! Using the navigation option on the quest tracker I could see which quests were nearest to my current location. I accepted a Spirit Quest and since it was near two other quests doing those became the plan of attack. Continue reading
Another fun and relaxing session in Black Desert Online. I spent some time placing the last of the furniture I own into my house in Hiedel. I wanted to end the evening asleep in the bed to see if there’s a rest bonus of some sort. Continue reading
A new milestone for my Casual Citizen series about the upcoming first person MMO, Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games. I appreciate the support and kinds words from members of the community. Several have asked if I could get the shows up on iTunes and now they are there. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading
I was able to spend some time last Sunday playing Black Desert Online. Instead of leveling, I wanted to investigate spells for the Witch, connecting Nodes and player housing. I’m happy to report that I accomplished all three. I’ve already posted about first encounter with BDO player housing here. On to the other two. Continue reading
I really enjoy player housing in MMOs. I especially enjoy it when you can craft from your home. Long time readers may recall occasions when I’ve turned a character’s house into a crafting workshop for guild members in Runes of Magic and a business/store in EverQuest 2. In EQ2 I went a step further, creating a few guides on how to construct custom objects. I had a ball doing things like that in a virtual world. I enjoy sharing knowledge that might enhance someone else’s gaming experience. Heck, I’m doing the same thing with Star Citizen, except that I’ve evolved to doing videos with voice over narration. Continue reading
Welcome to another episode of Casual Citizen. An on-going series about the upcoming first person MMO, Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m your host Alysianah from the Mystic Worlds Gaming Blog. In this week’s episode we’re going to discuss what’s been communicated so far about the mining career. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Continue reading
A few minutes of video from Black Desert Online. I was completing a quest and doing some free roaming combat the other night. There are gorgeous locations off the questing trail. I enjoy exploring the locations around the quest hubs. When a game adds life into those in between pockets, it makes the game feel more like a virtual world. Every time I've peaked behind the curtain so far, there's been something interesting to see or fight. Smile Continue reading
Thanks so much for following and taking the time to read my blog. I too missing have a regular place in a fantasy MMO I felt like I was on the drift as far as MMOs for a long time after leaving WOW. I enjoyed Rift but it never became home. The only MMOs since WOW that have felt like home for me were GW2 and AA. I left both for different reasons. In BDO Im just looking for casual entertainment. Its a very deep game for sure but comes at a time when my focus is elsewhere but I do plan on experiencing whatever I can that I find enjoyable and not worry about the rest. Im this will let keep me playing longer since new AAA fantasy MMOs are pretty thin on the ground. Good luck in your BDO adventures! To:
All I've done so far in Black Desert Online is quest and explore. I'm playing very short sessions during the week due to other obligations. So far it's proven to be a nice way to unwind after dinner before I get back to working on other projects. Continue reading