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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's just an illusion of life.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy and scifi, especially MMORPGs. The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
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** SPOILER ALERT: The beginning of a quest is discussed in this article ** When you wake up for the first time in the Persistent Universe's Port Olisar, your Mobiglas is already populated with a few missions. These missions are intended to get you moving out in the Crusader map. However, akin to GuildWars 2 and the early attempts for questing in Warhammer Online, it's not necessary for you to explicitly start a mission by interacting with a non-player character (NPC). Continue reading
The first release of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe alpha, commonly called the Baby PU (BPU), has been on the Test Universe for several days. During that time, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) invited waves of backers to participate in stress testing and identifying bugs. Roughly 66K players have been given access. That might sound like a lot but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the 900K pool of players. Continue reading
You're welcome. I hope people will find it usual in planning. I hope to convert it to a HTML site of its own in the future.
Thank you. Feel free to friend me on RSI. I'm Saylah.
The Baby PU was deployed to the test server last night. The 1000 most active participants in reporting bugs via the recently deployed Issues Council received invites. I watched a couple of streams and there are clearly stability issues. However, once people get past those the content we've seen grow since GamesCom and CitizenCon is there for the taking - large world map, early sampling of the mission system, first release of the interactive Mobiglas, first multiplayer ships and FPS. This is a HUGE milestone in Star Citizen development. Gonna burn our jpegs to the ground are ya??? I THINK NOT. I'm so excited to play. Hopefully, the content will be released to the Live Alpha server in the next couple of weeks. Oh how I'd love it to be live for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. If you don't know what the Baby PU is here are two related posts:... Continue reading
test test test test tewt aaaa a aaaa ddd ddd fff ggg ddd ddd ddd dd ddd dd www eee hhh ggg fff dd Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2015 at PM&Sundries
Please leave comments, questions and requests about the Star Citizen Starmap Matrix here. It's an on-going effort that I will continue to update as more content is added to the official ARK Starmap, Galactic Guides and the game itself. Recent additions include: Professions related content from the Galactic Guides added under Import/Export, Cargo Hauling and Tourism Links to STLYoungblood's System Tours on YouTube Links to Trendane's wonderful audio versions of System Galactic Guides Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2015 at PM&Sundries
I’m still plugging away at updating matrix version of the Star Citizen ARK Starmap. I’ve received lots of good feedback and a few enhancement requests. With the help of the glorious maps and tools other fans are producing, I’m slowly making my way through adding the jump points available in each system. There some excellent options out there depending on your needs and tastes. However, mine remains as the only version that lets you see multiple systems at once to gain a big picture overview for logistically planning purposes. I will have all the jump points added by today. Continue reading
Crusader, a planet in the Stanton system, is the location for the upcoming Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 aka Baby Persistent Universe. Players are already somewhat familiar with Stanton, as it’s also the home of ArcCorp, the first planetside landing zone revealed to us as an introduction and test-bed for the Social Module. Continue reading
Cloud Imperium Games recently released the ARK Starmap for the Star Citizen persistent universe. After a detailed review of every system, the deep space universe of Star Citizen just got scarier and considerably more realistic. Continue reading
Star Citizen Patch 1.3 has been released to the public test universe. I'm excited to see it once it hits Live. I don't play on the test universe, which is essentially the alpha of the Alpha. Pass. Downloading 30 GB once is enough for me. PTU patches usually hit Live in 1 to 2 weeks - sometimes faster. Continue reading
Cloud Imperium Games recently released the ARK Starmap for Star Citizen. The first iteration is web-based and is accessible on the RSI website. Eventually, the Starmap will be accessible in game via your mobiGlas and map rooms. In some of the earlier concept art we’ve also seen Starmap rooms planet-side and aboard larger ships. I think the ARK Starmap, is the game map to end all game maps. The interactive features are light years above anything I’ve witnessed before, let alone released in a browser. Intro screen holds the key to locating the actual space station ARK we’re told, is a knowledge center constructed in the Tayac System at the dawn of the 29th century. Not bound to a particular system or species, ARK is a central and neutral repository of all galactic knowledge. In real life, this will be the Star Citizen Galactapedia, part of which is the Starmap.... Continue reading
Star Citizen has launched a referral program that provides incentives for the referrer and the referral. Continue reading
I've uploaded my audio version of the Star Citizens Writer's Guide to SoundCloud, as an alternative to listening on YouTube. Don't let the name fool you. The Writer's Guide is full of delicious lore and background on the Star Citizen universe. There's only one episode focused exclusively on writing - Episode 11. Some of the topics include: Historical timeline Military structure and ranks Government and it's structure Economic climate Major corporations Mass communication mechanics Entertainment All of the primary races and various cultural topics Citizen versus civilian Criminal element and piracy Major technology I hope you enjoy. Continue reading
CitizenCon 2015 was great. I watched the live-stream while on voice communication with several organization members. No time to do detailed posts at the moment. Grrr! By the time I can, it will be old news but I’ll do a post or two discussing the things that interested me the most. Here are some links for the TLDR version of what went down. Continue reading
I'm interrupting studying for my certification test that's later this month and being overly busy with a few projects at work. Summary of the Derek Smart / Escapist / Star Citizen drama All hail its creator. That's the best laugh I've had in some time. I'll be back with more SC content toward the end month. Ta-ta til then. The SC Reddit Community that has also been under attack, continues to rally and send good vibes into the universe. We're orchestrating a contest thread to gift a ship to new players who are interested in the game but for whatever reason, are unable to purchase access at this time. Remember that overall, good things come to good people and bad karma can be an evil bitch. Take care what you spew out into the universe lest you end up eating yourself. Continue reading
Oso was discovered in 2861 by amateur explorer Errol Navis. Named after his daughter, it features six distinctive worlds orbiting a white Type-F main sequence star. Oso was quickly set upon by survey teams and corporate groups seeking to lay claim to the latest worlds potentially ripe for terraforming. Within the year, interests changed dramatically with the discovery of higher life forms on Oso II. Continue reading
That's a very good question. I could go either way. The only game I've played where criminal activity is support is EVE Online. In their mechanic no one has to witness the crime for the system to be alerted. For example, if you steal another miner's jettisoned cargo container of ore, the game flags you as a criminal for xxx minutes. And in the case of killing someone in policed zones, NPC ships will descend on the zone even if they weren't present at the time of the kill and you'll be dead in very short order. It's going to be exciting to see which end of the stick CIG takes in these manners. I'm not big on unconsensual PVP but I don't cry over it either. I liked the element of danger in EVE that exists once your move away from the heavily policed zones. Even when I was playing solo and mostly doing PVE content I setup my home base in a low security sector of space cuz adrenaline. If you won't take risks in a game, where will you take them is my feeling.
For those of us who plan to concentrate on activities that don’t revolve around pew-pew-boom-boom you’re dead, the Persistent Universe (PU) holds the key to the content we’re waiting to see. It’s in the PU that all the elements of game play come alive – especially non-combat opportunities and professions. More than Pew-Pew Star-Citizen-Bengal-class-Carrier-Bridge-Interior-005Thus far, CIG has released content for testing purposes via disconnected modules. The hangar module lets you see your ships, drool over them, access their interiors and reconfigure their loud outs. Arena Commander allows us to fly the ships that are available, to test flight mechanics and experiment with different weapons, ammunition and shields... Continue reading
Reverse the Verse (RTV) is a weekly vidcast that takes us around the Cloud Imperium Game offices to hear what the various teams are working on. This week’s RTV featured Chris Roberts, taking questions live, from the Star Citizen subscribers via their exclusive chat channel on RSI. Subscribers are supporters who donate money every month similar to a reoccurring subscription. The Prime Plan is $10 USD. The Imperator Plan is $20 USD. These funds are used to produce all of the weekly and monthly content seen by the community – vidcasts, Jump Point magazine, Lore fiction, etc. Additionally, subscribers receive cosmetic flare items for their hangars. Continue reading
I grew up in the Big Apple. Good ole New York, New York. From birth until I was married, we lived by LaGuardia Airport. My father was a huge fan of air planes and frequently took us to watch planes land on the way home from school. When I was older, it was a popular bicycle route and hang out. A group of us would often sit on the grass at the edge of the furthest runway and eat lunch to the roar of planes flying overhead. Continue reading
There hasn’t been surprising news in the world of Star Citizen since ArcCorp was released. Yes, we’re getting closer to Arena Commander 2.0, multi-crew ships, baby persistent Universe, more areas in ArcCorp will be unlocked and another single-seater flyable ship but no definitive dates yet. However, we expect that most, if not all of these features to be deployed before the end of the year. If so, that’s going to be a HUGE milestone for SC and generate a lot of player created content. Continue reading
Better keep your grabby hands to yourself. Do NOT get caught shoplifting in ArcCorp, Area 18! Continue reading
Not that it's new news, but there's been a blip in the increase of complaints that players won't initially be landing planet side manually. We were never told that we would be. Quite the opposite, it was mentioned several times that we wouldn't be - at least not for the first release of the full persistent universe. Chris Roberts has said that some time in the future, it may be possible. When you confirm your intent to land in one of the cities, the game will take control of the ship and guide you in. During this time you can get up and do whatever you want around your ship. The scenes visible through the ship windows will be the actual location, depicting precisely what is happening in the surrounding area at the time. To me it's reasonable given that the cities are densely constructed and the landing zones are... Continue reading