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At first, I thought ACT UP Paris was being a little extreme with this video, but then I remember who was first burned at the stake, by which church, in France, centuries ago. Go girl!
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The Log Cabin GOP group bringing the suit said they "would drop [the] case if [the government] would cease all discharges and remove all barriers to open service." There are service members still facing hearings for discharge. And troops continue to be told not to tell anyone that they are gay. Until the repeal of DADT is implemented and discharges stop, the lawsuit continues. The law was and is unconstitutional. Discrimination has a price. Back in 1993 a Presidential directive was issued and in less than 2 months DADT was put in place. No training, no consideration of military effectiveness. No one signed off on whether that policy was working out. Repeal of DADT was signed 12-22-10. They need months (?) to tell troops now what has been the actual, informal, policy for the last 18 years?! - Don't Ask - Everybody Knows. No body should really care. The Bowers decision took 17 years before "repeal" by the Lawrence court decision. At least the Supreme Court had the guts to apologize: "Bowers was not correct when it was decided, and it is not correct today. It ought not to remain binding precedent. Bowers v. Hardwick should be and now is overruled." There wasn't a 60 day "waiting period" for that change. If it takes all of this year to teach or train some homophobic troops that their behavior will result in discharge, why continue asking troops who are gay to pay the price? I hope the lawsuit stays in court until a decision is rendered and some rational explanation is given for the treatment of gays in the military and in civilian life. An apology is order, yet again.
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Jan 29, 2011