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Kevin P. Lee
Campbell University, School of Law, Raleigh, NC
Associate Professor
Interests: Legal Theory, Social and Political Ethics, Business Associations, International Trade, China, and Japan.
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Thanks for this useful and insightful analysis. I think some law schools are beginning to focus on diversifying the market for legal education. For example they are looking to educate internationally (many school have foreign LLMs) and to make graduates attractive to non-legal employers. (NALP reports that only 68.5% of the class of 2010 took jobs requiring a bar passage.) It seems to me that innovation in this area could determine who survives among the bottom tier schools. But innovation is limited by the ABA and US News, both of whom emphasize education for placement in traditional law firms. What seems to be happening now is that law schools are looking for competitive advantages within the shrinking market. For example, the Mid-Year AALS conference focused on "skills training" across the curriculum as a response to the current economic crisis. The skills advocated were mostly intensively litigation oriented. Of course skilled litigators are more likely to employable than unskilled ones, but skills training ignores the basic economic forces at work here, which you clarify. Some useful ideas that did surface suggested that courses on economics, accounting, business writing, foreign language (legal Spanish for example), technological competency, cross-cultural awareness, etc. would serve the students better in the long run. That seems right to me. Legal education needs to evolve. Looks like rough waters ahead....
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