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1,200kbs is avg but I do feel your pain till I moved to town I was stuck on my trusty dialup with my uber speeds of 1.3-2.6kbs just to put how bad that was into context lol. It took me just over 3 weeks to download warcraft 3 via irc. So after it finished and I configured it to connect to bnetd I learned I did not like wc3 at all. Now that I'm in town I bought the best I could get :P 50mbps "not that much considering the UK will have 300mbs access soon" but I can hit well over the 5,000 kbs on a good download. Sadly my upload speed sucks :( 400-800kbs I did end up getting wireless in my area that was pretty decent for me at the time. 500-600kbs but I end up getting throttled badly after a different company bought them out. I also bought direct way having no clue about the lag. I was 17 I sat down with some gg download speeds till their FAP "no not that kind of fap lol" kicked in. So I logged onto subspace and looked at my ping that happened to be 1250ms vs the 220-300ms on dialup. Oh well thank god them days are behind me :P
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Nice! I was reading about you on TF it's always cool to see that not all famous people buy in to the propaganda. I've always complained about the same thing. We see research with numbers that look more like something pulled out of a hat. Even if they took the numbers from every person downloading "that could not afford to buy a product" There are still plenty of ways they can contribute to it. Talking about it is always a good way. Do they have a blog? A great question to ask. Did they talk about it and link it on a pay site like Amazon? If so it would seem if one person that would have never bought it did buy it because of them they just broke even with the system. I also point out we all share! It could be simple as sharing a screwdriver. If I was denied I would have been forced to go drive to Wal-Mart and buy one. I've loaned out plenty of tools,dvds,video games, and much more. In doing so I've probably prevented a few sales or more likely a few projects from not being started at all. I'm normal AKA living week to week sometimes day to day lol. I use to go to the movies A LOT even when it was not in my budget I would find a way to make it be. I loved getting out of the house with some friends to catch a flick. Sadly since the whole "Mega" mess I stopped in fears that I would be supporting people that have no regard for freedom and privacy. Anywho awesome job of sticking it to the man especially when you have to work for them lol. There needs to be more people like you!
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May 17, 2012