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Lee Dorsey
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MY SPIN: And i said for all the years we were working for DADT repeal. 'But even Evelyn Donnelly says DOMA will be repealed because of DADT repeal. (Its the only way to guarantee equality to troops who live in all 50 states!)'
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Well I guess this means Cheney is NOT RUNNING in 2016. But is still trying for a slot up above. Dick Cheney is lobbying for gay marriage in Maryland?
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Well Chaz, I think what Bill is trying to say... is 1) It is someone else fault/ problem, 2) I don't really care, but wish it hadn't come to light, cuz who really cares about kids who need adoption anyway... and...most importantly 3) VOTE FOR ME STILL... I'm not really that dumb. so, if you believe it, go ahead and vote for him.
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Apr 7, 2010