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Sep 15, 2010
Leelalei added a favorite at Forty Deuce
Aug 19, 2010
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Jun 16, 2010
Leelalei added a favorite at Forty Deuce
Jun 7, 2010
This was by far the most exciting women's final I've seen in a long looooong time! Yes I am sad that Sam lost, but she had an amazing tournament and, as an Aussie, I am so proud she made it to the final!! Franny simply out-played Sam and thoroughly deserved the victory. It was so special to see Fran's sheer excitement and joy in winning and I totally loved the fist-pump at the end of her anthem! What a champ!!! Personally, this match delivered something I have been waiting for for a long time in watching women's tennis (which is why I don't often watch a lot of it). I finally felt invested in a women's match and my heart was thumping pretty much the entire time. I love that it wasn't a totally one-sided affair and that we got to see some passion from the winner (no cutesy twirls, a royal wave to the crowd and a little smile here)!! Fran and Sam - thanks for the memories, you are both class-acts!!
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2010 on Lose Yourself. at Forty Deuce
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I was so pumped about Sam's win last night!!! Latest news is that one of our TV/radio personalities over here has arranged for Sam's family to fly to Paris for the final.
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never seen this before but so funny! toughen up princess!!
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on "I Have Common Courtesy." at Forty Deuce
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OMG can he look any more awkward than in that bowtie pic??!!! Still love him though!
Toggle Commented May 29, 2010 on Andy, You Look Ridiculous. at Forty Deuce
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May 29, 2010