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Lee Mullin
Sheffield, UK
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It's been a few months since the April start date for BIM Level 2, the UK mandate for using Building Information Modelling on centrally procured projects. What's changed? Well for the majority not a huge amount, those government departments that were already trialling BIM Level 2 have been expanding to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2016 at BIM Toolbox
Hi Saad, Some of this is likely to be due to how Navisworks stores the data very efficiently so the Excel spreadsheet may be larger than the Navisworks files. However I have passed the concern onto development to see if there's anything we can do to improve this.
As a rule of thumb yes they should be, as the model viewing is using a different core this should improve performance too as well as ensuring everyone is on the latest files.
Hi Robert, This is inbuilt for 2016, no need for a separate app
Hi Jim, Hopefully support have now been in touch
Hi Sherif, Yes as long as you get the ODBC driver and have a suitable string to query the data
Autodesk University 2016 registration is now open! For those who haven't been, it's a fantastic event where you can learn, network and enjoy yourself with thousands of peers. Need some reasons to book quickly? Our team are presenting 7 classes over the 3-day event from November 15th to 17th 2016.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2016 at BIM Toolbox
Great news, we have an update to the COBie exporters for Navisworks now released. One of the biggest requests we had was to support colours from the COBie spreadsheets this is now available. To learn more about the tool, look at our original article announcing the launch of the COBie... Continue reading
Today we launch Industry Collections, it's a new way of thinking about how to access software and is a perfect fit for construction. Based on a term license they allow you to easily scale up and down during the course of a construction project and include contingent employees in software... Continue reading
Last month Autodesk organised an event to showcase the best of construction and future technologies impacting the industry. During the day we had speakers from contractors from the heavyweights of BAM and Balfour Beatty through to specialist housebuilders talking about how Autodesk solutions have supported their everyday work and given... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2016 at BIM Toolbox
Interoperability in the software used for project design and construction is vital to the collaborative process required by the AEC industry. More than that, interoperability is good business for AEC firms and asset owners. Our recent agreement with Trimble to increase interoperability by exchanging APIs and developer tools is one... Continue reading
Hi Michele, We've made an update to the exporter for you. Can you uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, download again and install from there?
Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Beyond Design!! Happy Birthday to us! Five years ago today myself and Paul Walker launched this Beyond Design blog. When we first launched our aim was to "focus on the functionality, workflows and interoperability between Autodesk Construction solutions". At that... Continue reading
Yesterday in the home of steel, Sheffield, UK and also the home of Navisworks, and me, I took part in the first ever #SteelCityBIM group. A group all about sharing ideas, best practices and networking in a city which already has a great community feel. Run by Josh Jackson at... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2016 at BIM Toolbox
This week the UK Government has mandated BIM Level 2 for all centrally procured projects where it makes sense. Many sense this as a watershed moment for BIM, no longer is it a 'buzzword' or industry terminology, it's now a standard part of how projects will be delivered. BIM Level... Continue reading
As long as you have a unique ID there's nothing to prevent you linking at any level of the selection tree
One user case that I've seen a lot of interest for recently is early stage estimates on buildings, this is quite easily possible using floors or potentially other areas from an early mass model. I've seen people mostly using resources to get additional items into the take-off that may not... Continue reading
I've just returned from the Capturing Reality Forum in Salzburg (the newly combined SPAR Europe and European LIDAR Mapping Forum) where myself and Andy Evans from Topcon presented a live workflow showing point clouds and design data together within BIM 360 Layout, a proof of concept workflow where we posed... Continue reading
We have some great news for those of you looking at BIM 360 Layout. Our range of supported hardware has tripled from one to three over the last couple of weeks. The Leica iCON 50 and Topcon DS-200i both have longer ranges than the Topcon LN-100 and there's some pretty... Continue reading
One of the big drivers for BIM at the moment in the UK, where myself, James and Paul live, is the UK BIM Level 2 mandate due to come into force next year. Many other countries, bodies and firms are looking at this mandate as a template around how BIM... Continue reading
I've recently written a blog for Digital Construction Week in the UK, called Fly me to the Moon and Build a City about how things that we didn't long ago saw as impossible are now commonplace, and how that is changing construction. Not great timing, 3 days after it was... Continue reading
In the UK there's a mandate to reach BIM Level 2 by next year, as part of this there are three deliverables on a project, 2D drawings as we always have, the 3D model (typically in native format and IFC), and COBie data drops of the information in the model.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2015 at BIM Toolbox
Are you one of those people who wants to know how to use Navisworks better? Are you someone that feels like they can share their experiences with BIM 360 Field? The idea of a User Group isn't a new thing, and the London and Manchester Revit User Groups are frequently... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2015 at BIM Toolbox
Great question Daniel, We've posted the list of operators and functions in Navisworks here: -
One of the questions Daniel Fahmi asked on our blog recently was around formulas in Navisworks Quantification, rather than just share this with Daniel, we thought more of you may want to know what formulas can be used in Quantification: - Here is the full list of operators and functions... Continue reading