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Risa Lee
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This whole blog is unfounded.
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Aww did I offend you? I'm sorry. But just so happens that I actually do like reading fan blogs and this one has some good content. So what's your point exactly? "Faker" fans. Real original Ben Affleck.
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I'm a female Laker fan but have plenty of respect for the Celtic organization but I think it's hilarious how Kobe and the Lakers seem to be such an obsession with this blog. Go on any Laker blog and you won't find anything even remotely Celtic-related, much less anything talking about the team or the players in a negative way. Are you that obsessed with Kobe and the Lakers that you post meaningless articles about them every single chance you get? Even Laker fans know that Kobe's like that. Who cares? Things must be REALLY boring over there in Boston.
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Aug 18, 2011