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Wil, this is completely unrelated to beer, but I just finished MotFC: Vol 1 and greatly enjoyed it. I would definitely be willing to buy a Vol 2 or an expanded audio edition of Vol 1 Thanks for offering all those podcasts; even though it was a year later, they spurred me to eventually buying the ebook (at the 20% rate that day you mentioned the sale on G+)
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Wheaton, you could probably put together a collection of excrement and people would be interested. That being said, I love your non-fiction work so I imagine your talents would cross over into fiction too. (Despite your episode of RFB bemoaning the lack of excitement about previous fiction work) That being said, I thought of a potential future book: Whil Wheaton's Guide To Parenting: Don't Be A Dick
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Has anybody else pointed out that you kind of have a Riker beard?
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Hey Wil, a while ago you talked about printing a book of tweets, this site might fit the bill:
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I know this is like SUPER late, but I just heard Aeofel die. Why couldn't the cleric like run over and heal you? Not enough turns? That ghost was pretty lame by not saying a damn thing like the majority of the encounter. Aeofel will be missed...
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My heart grew a little smaller when I didn't hear my name being dramatically read during the kazoo feed the burrito part. I listened again, to no avail. :'( I think the audio of the interview was lower than the rest of the podcast. I could hardly hear it over a microwave humming while heating up burrito contents. And that was with the volume all the way up. I played my first encounter of D&D after listening to the Penny Arcade Podcast you were in and then the other PA podcast, which you weren't in. Kind of like in your encounter, I ended up saving the day, then being saved by somebody with a last minute potion. I'm trying to spice the encounters up with flavor text, but it isn't easy. Props to Wizards for their "Encounters" night. Keep up the good work.
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May 26, 2010