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3-24 LMAO..I don't skate..I was hoping 1 of them would pull a 'JACKASS' moment & do the 'Crash 'N Burn!' & all the 'GEEK SQUAD Yadda Yadda!' Hahaha BANGARANG!! (Skrillex vid) PEACE Funny...I did like it...Nerds play PROfessionals! Good Job! :D
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2012 on shit skateboard photographers say at dickhouse
3-3 The White Man PLAYS the Poor Black MAN CARD! :/ No Worries..hopefully U stay off the streets w/Drugs&Guns&NO JAIL/PRISON& make a SH#T LOAD of Cash! Like DENZEL:D LOVE IT! Don't have SWIM CH. GERMAINE couldn't add this2 his laundry list of MTV Shows? I get that. BITCHES! I'll Never see it. I'll have 2 call Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, or Pres,Obama 2 get it copied & sent!:D PEACE! JEFF? DID RICK GIVE U THE TWEET I'M TAKING OVER ALL DICKs Prod.?
1-19-12 PAIN tos ign in..Why is that? OK >>thanks 4 introducing me to 'IT'S CASUAL' PUNK/Hard Rock & then some! :D This band could be HUGE w/ this song on MTV VH1 or FUSE Videos, etc. Is youtube/Google still being PIRATED by the hardcore? Haha HATE YT & Twitter! TRACK: 'THE RED LINE'...will be a FN HIT ..I predict...with the right people behind them! GOOD MUSIC! Yeah it's loud! Like Pals Foo Fighters (& NIRVANA). I sent from FB to DAVE GROHL at Foo Fighters & Billy Sheehan (a majorly gifted bassist from TALAS, to David Lee Roth, to NIACIN (I have no clue what this was> many CD's) AND Currently re-united over past year on tour all over the world>>MR. BIG which Billy formed.) I will also send it to LAST CALL CARSON DALY as he looks for NEW BANDS to push! Thanks a million! I needed this! Shout out to RICK & working w/ this band. AWESOME. Got any more tracks/vids? SEND THEM as you finish! I'll think of others to send to. Get them in PRESS Mags! How long have they been together? Is Australia & U.K. etc. OK w/ RICK & Band to send the Vid to Promote them? OK...that's it 4 now. Will be in touch. :D
4-23-10 LAST NIGHT??? & Nobody calls or gives me a 'Heads Up'? Are you going to do 'THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW?' I usually watch him now. I watched JIMMY for years!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2010 on Jimmy Kimmel Live Apr 22nd at Taylor Hawkins
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Apr 23, 2010
4-23-10 OH MAN!!! U just posted it today? I didn't watch 'JIMMY KIMMEL'. When did you play? Last night or a few nights ago? This is the 1st time I've seen you perform with this NEW track! LOVE IT!! Amazing, Spectacular Harmonies. The band & backup singers are very talented. ALL IN ALL a "BRILLANT PERFORMANCE!" This song is a "HIT." Very Radio-Friendly. Hope to see you in NYC MAY 6th. I'll be the one that wears a 'JIMMY KIMMEL' T-Shirt!! =D
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Apr 23, 2010