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Tom Legrady
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My new Olympus OM-D E-M5 just arrived, with a 12-50mm zoom & 17mm pancake. I wanted a lightweight alternative to my Canon 5D MkII that I would have with me all the time. I wanted a small camera, and a pancake lens, so I would seem non-threatening doing street photography or taking pictures at events. I like the tilting back monitor, for taking overhead photos or very low viewpoints. Since I'm interested in abandoned structures and demolition / construction sites, I've been thinking about stilts, but the tilting back monitor is a simpler solution. I was astounded when I removed the body cap, to find the sensor so near ... well, what did I expect? :-) I'm pissed at Olympus for creating their own raw format. USE DNG! USE DNG! USE DNG! The more people who support and use DNG, the more permanent it becomes; ORF will never be supported by anyone else, except barking seals: ORF! ORF! I suppose they have to provide that crappy software, so people aren't "forced" to buy LR / Aperture / PS, having already spent $1700 on a camera and two lenses. Why not support GIMP? Then the software improves whether Olympus does anything or not. I put up my first-day photos, shot in P, on my pic-a-day blog: They won't change the world, but the pictures demonstrate that auto-mode pictures can be processed into something half-decent, and that there might be a future to taking the camera away from the photographer's eye, whether to waist level or to high overhead or far below. Of course, it was AFTER my purchase arrived that I found a review from LensRentals of wide-angle MFT lenses, which claims my Olympus 17mm is the worst choice of everything available :-( ... well, I'm not traumatized by today's pictures .... maybe I'll stick with it, and maybe I'll consider the Pana 17mm instead. Tom
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Jan 14, 2012