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Ever since the February Reading Challenge, I've continued to prime a stack of books. Mind you, what goes in the stack doesn't always get read, for various reasons. With so many friends who are authors, I always have a few of their books to add to the stack. Plus, there's... Continue reading
Posted 2 hours ago at Leigh Kramer
I loved Tsh's post! It reinforced my decision to let the grays keep coming. People usually think they're highlights but I've had grays for over a decade now and I like to think of them as overt symbols of my wisdom. So much of Unacceptable is my story- it made me a little teary. Have you ever read Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol? I couldn't stop thinking about his insights while reading the article on poor schools and standardized testing. The system has been stacked against the poor for decades but I'm trying to keep hope alive too.
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I could have used this to tackle the mildew in my shower at the last place I lived! I'm impressed.
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I'm thrilled to have Lacy Ellman guest posting today. I so relate to her thoughts on transformational seasons. She's generously giving away one of her prints. Details at the end of the post. I have been a traveler for as long as I can remember. I’ve filled up my fair... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Leigh Kramer
Oh, I loved Omnivore's Dilemma! I saw Pollan speak a few months ago on his book tour for the paperback of Cooked. I still haven't read Cooked but I think I'll love it even more than Omnivore. Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and Omnivore's Dilemma have had a profound effect on how I eat. Red Tent is fascinating! I'll be curious to hear what you think. I haven't heard a thing about Tell The Wolves I'm Home but it sounds up my alley. Delancey is FANTASTIC! If I had to choose, A Homemade Life is my favorite of the two but only because it resonated emotionally more with me than Delancey did. They're such different books, woven together by Molly's distinct voice. Also enjoyed Rules of Civility when I read it a couple of years ago! If you're looking for more fiction, try We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Americanah, and The Signature of All Things. I'm currently reading The Brothers K (different from The Brothers Karamazov) for the first time. I've meant to read it for YEARS and so far, I completely understand why so many people name it as their favorite.
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I could not possibly love you more.
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I can't believe how big Pirate is getting! Looking forward to perusing these links.
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Love this, Mark! Such a great description of how books enhance our lives.
I know exactly what you're talking about but I can't remember which book it was in either. I could never give up reading, not even for Lent!
Thanks for letting me know this resonated, Ginger!
Gracious, Diana. If I was in your situation, I'd be reading and watching TV like it's my job. Times of recovery make it hard for us to do the things we "should" do, like write. So maybe you need to push through and attend to other matters but I don't think you're wrong to do that which is saving your life right now either.
Best wishes as you strive to maintain a healthy balance!
Thanks, Nicole!
Keeping you and yours close to my heart. xoxo
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Thanks for letting me know this resonated!
When I recorded the Enneagram podcast with Tsh on The Art of Simple, I was surprised by the response to what I thought was a throwaway line. I was talking about wings, specifically my 5 wing, and how I've embraced my introversion since entering my 30s. In that context, I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at Leigh Kramer
I'm so sorry your garage sale was a bust! It seems like they're hit or miss.
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I don't remember the first time I heard Terri Schiavo's name but I can tell you when the case started to matter to me. In the fall of 2003 I began my second year social work fieldwork placement at a hospice in Chicago. I didn't know much about end-of-life care,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2014 at Leigh Kramer
When it comes to fiction, I'm of the persuasion that the less you know beforehand, the better off you'll be. The jacket copy gives you the overview and perhaps a friend will rant or rave, informing whether you'll pick up a copy or not. Here's the thing: jacket copy can... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2014 at Leigh Kramer
I was on the library wait list but happened to check the new release wall at my library branch last week and there it was in all its glory. They started doing this "lucky day collection" thing and put new titles straight onto the new release wall and if you happen to see it, it's yours. Lucky day indeed!
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
Please do join us for Americanah! One of the best novels I've read this year.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
You are so welcome!
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
I loved Handling the Truth so much. And Delancey is amazing! I can't wait to see what Molly writes next.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
I can't imagine coming home and not seeing y'all. I only wish it could have been a longer visit! xoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
Happy listening!
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer