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adrian, Dooling's contract is only guaranteed for $500k and not $3.8m
Some poster here says that Iverson should start, then who will come of the bench, Chalmers? I dont think its right to put your future PG on the bench for AI. Besides, I doubt how Wade and AI share the ball together. I'm with everyone that said AI should come of the bench for the Heat.
IMO, the reason the Heat will sign Randolph is because of Nick Arison. Thre are better PF signed for the minimum like Joe Smith and the position of need is PG but Heat will add Randolph which gives many of us a lot of doubt why him. It must be his friend from his Duke days, Mr. Arison.
It will be better for the Lakers to let go of Lamar than paying additional tax for Haslem. If the Lakers will pay the tax because adding players aside from they have now, it will be better be for Lamar and not Haslem.
I think Riley reason of telling Beasley will get significant minutes at both forward postion is maybe to up his trade value to let other teams know he's in the Heat plans. Or maybe keep Beasley's confidence up. Riley's statements is a win win for the Heat more than for Beasley. Mark it down too Ira Winderman that Riley made those statemts prior to signing Lamar Odom. Why is this Odom stories is coming out from other sites instead of here in Miami. Isn't suppose to be stories that involve the Heat should come out first in Miami?
Good thing Ira is not the Heat's GM. Why would the Heat compromise their cap space in 2010 for Redd who like Wade plays SG??? Kirilenko is a good player but is not worth what he's earning. The only way Miami should bypass the 2010 cap space is for Bosh, Amare and Boozer in that order.
I disagree with Ira W. in his Q&A about Wade is angst when he played his final season under Riley and there was genuine tension because Wade loves Riley. It will be proven soon when Wade sign the extension. Ira W. really hates Riley thats why he said those answer. Every questions or comments Riley is returning to coaching Miami, I'm sure he will oppose it.
Wade should sign the extension so Miami can make moves to improve the team.
I think Boozer will be the least Miami can have for their cap space in 2010 after Bosh or Amare.
If Wade wants Beasley to be traded to improve the team, you must heed to his request.
Yeah Ira, Pat Riley is a center guy but dont take or write that literally because not all center are like Pat Ewing, Kareem or Duncan or Zo. While he likes a center, Riley will not trade Beasley for Thabeet. If Beasley is going to be traded, IMO its for someone like Bosh. I believe the executive who said its the Grizz who offered their pick for Beasley and Chalmers because no way the draft picks are better than the two Heat players
The is going to get better if Mr. Arison will open his wallet by exceeding the "lux tax". We all know that he want the Heat to stay below the lux tax. No matter a free agent wants to sign, there must be a blessing to Mr. Arison.
I also have doubts about Stan's coaching in the series. I dont agree to some of his moves. But whayever happens in the finals, its a successful season for the Magic and Stan. I dont think Zo is hitting Stan below the belt with his comment. I know for a fact how Zo praise Stan when he was still with Miami. Isn't the Magic are being considered as Phoenix Suns of the east? Then what will you expect with this series when the Suns then coach by D'Antoni didn't pass the Lakers. . . .This is why I favor the approach or coaching style of Riley and Popovich
Mike Brown made SVG a good coach. SVG should thank Mike Brown. Nice work Ira! For capitalizing about the situation to promote SVG.
Yeah Wade was injured in 2006 and Howard is healthy this season. But you can't compare the two teams he coach. What if Larry Brown is the Cavs coach this year and not Mike Brown? I'm really convince Mike Brown didn't do well in the series. Plus, SVG has now the head coaching experience compare to 2006 when he was a sophomore.
Wade has a better supporting cast during the 2006 season to Lebron. Wade has the great Pat Riley. I observe that Mike Brown is out coach by SVG in this series. I observe during the latter part of game 4 that it was the assistant drawing the play instead of Brown.
Yes Camby-Griffin is also a good fit but my point is, the Clipps will move Randolph 1st before moving Kaman.
I believe the Clipps will unload Randolph before moving Kaman. Kaman-Griffin is better than Randolph-Griffin
MR. IRA, DO YOU HAVE A PROOF KAMAN IS PAT RILEY'S 1st CHOICE??? A lot of us know Riley was torn between drafting Kaman, Wade and another player which I can't remember. My point is Kaman is not just the player he's eyeing. To break the ice, I thought with the help of his staff, he decides to draft Wade.
I disagree with Ira in his Q&A about drafting Rubio. I disagree that Rubio will be another replay or experiment as the Heat did with Beasley. As Riley already said, coach Spo makes the decision regarding playing time to the players and not Riles. If ever its a replay, without a doubt its because its not deserving. In fairness to Ira, he said "he's not sure".
I agree most of what was said in the interview. Griffin will be a better player because he has size and willing to play down low compare to Beasley who loves to shoot from the perimeter. If the Clipps will offer Griffin for Beasley, Miami should do it. Aside that I think Griffin will fit more than Beasley, it saves Miami one season of salaries considering Griffin will be just into his rookie year to Beasley sophomore.
I like what Riley said about Beasley at SF. I also like what he said that Spo makes the decision. I think that will shut some people like IW who's telling stories that since Riley choose Spo, he should follow him. Well said by Riles that Spo makes the decisions.
Another question to answer is, if the Bulls takes Beasley at no. 1 instead of Rose, do you all think Beasley will win the "Rookie of the Year"?
Regarding the question, my answer is Rose will start if Miami have him instead of Beasley. Another reasons: 1. Because we know Riley likes Rose during the draft but Bulls takes him first. 2. Even with Hinrich on the Heat, Rose still will start because of the way we saw how he played the season and handle himself.
No wonder the Question is Ira's favorite because he loves Beasley very much and promoting him. Ira also suggest an Haslem trade because of his love with Beasley. Another thing is his hate with Riley. The question target two of Ira love to do, criticize Riley and promotes Beasley. Two birds in one stone. lol: