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The timing of this post is oddly delightful. I always considered myself a geek, but there was just something *too* geeky about reading books based on things that weren't originally books, i.e. Star Trek novels and at the tender age of 36, totally enamored with Mass Effect and starved for more content, I went down to my local bookstore to pick up the novels, and the scene was similar. I lurked in the science fiction section, and when I did not find what I was looking for, I sheepishly approached the counter. Why? Because it's childish to want to read something based on a video game? Because that makes me a geekier geek? I was actually thinking of writing a blog post on the experience, and how it made me think about my preconceptions of what's acceptable, cool, or "grown-up". Maybe next week, anyway. Right now I'm reading "Mass Effect: Redemption". OPENLY. :P
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Been meaning to try this recipe ever since this was posted - partly because as the only vegetarian in the house with a meat-loving hubby and son, I'm always looking for dinner ideas that everyone will like. And partially because it's WIL's recipe, yo. Everyone loved it, and it was fambly-approved for addition to the rotation! NOTE: Using what I had in my house, I did substitute lemon for lime. And a Thai pepper for chipotle. Oh, and a dollop of sour cream in each bowl rather than yogurt. Hmm, if I make too many substitutions, can it still be considered the Wil Wheaton black bean soup? Questions, questions!
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Apr 21, 2011