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starting clockwise from the bottom left corner is Joong, sticky rice with fatty salt pork egg yolk and sometimes peanuts. There is also a sweet variety with mung bean or red bean. Above that looks to be turnip cake or Loh bak goh. The black stuff in the quart container is most likely Guilinggao, or a turtle shell sweet dessert. The brownish stuff looks to be a nian gao, sweet rice cake. The first black item I believe would be a black sesame roll, you can get this at dim sum. The black balls next to it I can't recall but my girlfriend likes this, that taste quite medicinal and herbacious. It's a bit more difficult to make out the rest but one also looks like fun gwoh, a dumpling made from rice flour. Should you need a Cantonese translator next time you go please hit me up, would love to go.
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Feb 16, 2011