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Leon Elledge
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The redisctricting process: I oppose any plan to use any lines that cross county lines or water down county votes. I oppose them because they are designed to please the national parties and not to serve the residents of each county. If people want to live in the county OK If they want to make each district uniform in terms of population demographics, race or registration, it is the worst kind of politics. We all moved to the county we live in for a reason. If someone in a nearby oounty wants to join us OK, but not via an arbitray plan.
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Good job FSA ! It is about time someone stood up for an end to uncontroled growth and crime in this state. For every job created in the state, there will be 10 people who will refrain from comming to a place that cators to gambling and the crime it brings with it. I don't want to see my great grand kids to face the emloyment choice of Mc Ds or the casino. If you want to see the future of Florida with gambling, visit Miami.
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I visited Miami two years ago, after almost 40 years living in the north and midwest and Texas. I was shocked at the changes. I graduated from Miami Edison in 1960. At that time it was a top tier school. The sports programs in Miami High, North Miami, Miami Beach High, and Coral Gables were in their glory. Miami Tech offered a great vocational program. Even Jackson, though having a few bad apples, was a mid range school. Yes teachers wee under paid: Taxes were, by standards of the period, gwowing too fast. It was, inspite of this, a grand place to grow up. What have you done to my town? Seven times as many people, traffic that rivals Califorinia, and home prices that would make anyone shudder. Now I read that education is an industry with this kind of profit. I am blown away. When did you guys give up on education? What happened to planned growth? I live in New Port Richey Florida now and can't imagine it will ever sink to the level of Tampa, let alone Miami. I was very displeased that profit and growth in Miami has reached this level. I wish all of the students and residents of Dade County the best, but can't see how you will ever recover from this sell out of education and over expansion of government.
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Dec 16, 2011