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Wil - There is an error in this logic of "I"m not a bigot, was supporting free speech". I support free speech by giving money to the ACLU. The ACLU will then take on cases that state the KKK is allowed to adopt a mile. You can't deny them just because you don't like what they stand for. What I don't do? I DON'T give money TO the KKK to say "Good for you using your right to free speech to promote violence, predujice, and intolorence." The people who went to Chik-fil-A to "support free speech" were actually supporting Hate. They are bigots. You don't give your financial support to the haters unless you agree with their cause. I'm sorry these bigots were upset with you when you called them on their BS.
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Times are hard. People are losing their homes, which sometimes means they have to give up their animals because the new place (apartment/couch surfing/van down by the river) isn't suitable for or doesn't allow pets. It also means people cut back on their charitable giving because that money is being reallocated for frivolous things like food & gas. Thank you for using your powers of awesome to support your local shelter. I'm sure they need the help this year even more than most other years. Seamus is lucky to have such wonderful humans, just as you are fortunate to have such a wonderful dog. I just made a small donation to help you towards your cause, and I've sent your link out to a bunch of my animal loving friends. Best of Luck!
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I love getting excited and making things. I knit dish towels using really nice 100% cotton yarn. The best things about them is they are super absorbent and they get softer and nicer the more you use them. Mostly I just give them to family and friends as gifts. And when I say gifts, I don't mean birthday or holiday gifts, more "Hey, it's Tuesday and I was thinking about you / I miss you since you moved to Ohio / we haven't hung out in forever so here is something I made with my two hands to let you know I care" type of gift. The Three Wheaton Moon shirt is both the most awesome and most the most horrible thing I've seen in forever. I must have one! On a completely different note, your story about playing Scrabble with your wife is one of my favorite short stories. The humor, sweetness, and simplicity in your writing in that piece reminds me of Steinbeck's "Tortilla Flats" or "Travels with Charlie". It is beautiful narrative. So when I heard about the game Bananagrams on NPR this morning, I thought of you and your wife. You are probably already familar with the game (I only say this because two of my favorite games in the last couple of years: Munchkin & Zombie Dice, came via your recommendation) but just in case you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it. It is another word game your wife might enjoy, and it is fast paced and competitive enough that I don't think you would dread pulling it out of the closet. Here is the website:
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Aug 18, 2011