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This is a great "back in my day" story about sissie pitchers:,M1
Armando, I don't post here daily, but I do read your blog daily. Anyways, Thanks go to you for the great draft coverage you provided here. PS. This post isn't half bad either ;)
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Wait a second...I thought this was going to be Cote's autobiography.
Instead of the dancer, why don't you call him by what he really is: The greatest defensive lineman in Dolphins history. or the Fins most dangerous player.
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harricane, last week the herald or the S-S had a photo of Ronnie, Ricky and one of the scrub 6th rounders stretching together....Ronnie was in the foreground, but looked like a boy (okay, a teenager) with his father (Ricky) behind him.
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Two things: 1) That is a terrible trade 2) SI recently did a feature on smash-mouth's for losers. Under today's rules, winning teams need to pass. SI showed that all of the top teams in the league (including Dallas) basically do not run the ball until the 2nd half. Teams that live by the run (Vikings anyone) in the NFL do not make's that easy and it's quantifiable.
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Here's a question for the ages or sages...why do so many Dolphins fans seem to want to exchange examplar citizen Taylor for troubled hanging Chad Johnson or more money second stringer (in Philly) Shepard? And one that not even the sages could answer...why would the fat zero who loved Crackhead Taylor so want to pick a fight with citizen Taylor?
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Never cared one way or another about the Falcons, but I hope they didn't just make a really costly mistake. We'll see.
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