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Didn't tonight though only twice has the mankind info been put up since the story-line started. As I said before the people in the soaps office didn't seem to care about getting a message across it's just a story in their eyes to feed the misandrists
I feel another phone call coming on me thinks might even phone in on daybreak tomorrow and see if I can get somewhere with the actors involved. I'm still very new all this misandry stuff I read this site and membership of anti I do what I can
So the kicker goes in we now see that Tyrone becomes the evil one as he turns pushes her away she falls hits head and neighbour see the aftermath. So the misandrists get their way man bad woman victim
No Ian I did not probably just as well as I'm ashamed I kind of lost it with the pratt I was Talking to but was glad to see the Mankind phone line up this week I'm monitoring the three main soaps and will continue to complain when warranted also with adverts as well. We need to organise a group of us to monitor the various tv stations just as the viewers and listeners have and point out the misandrists traits in programmes.
When I called to complain about the lack if helpline information at the end of a episode when Tyrone had been assaulted the office for the soap basically laughed it off as he said they would only put up a phone number if they felt it warranted it and did not even know that there we refuge spaces for male dv victims and said only the bbc has a mandate to inform they were in the entertainment business and anyway Tyrone could always just walk away from the problem a very unhelpful person who just saw the storyline as some entertainment for the misandrists out there.
I've signed up ans i'll share the link just wonder how long it'll be before some women's group want it closed as it is sexist
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May 9, 2012